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 Growls in Blood

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PostSubject: Growls in Blood   Growls in Blood I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 17, 2011 3:02 am

Growls in Blood

Age: 6 years 4 months old
Backgrounds:Pure Breed x5, Ancestorsx3

Quote :
"We all see our end, but dying is for humans and wolves. Garou are killed. Ahroun are probably killed faster than any other. It's that backhanded gift from Luna that drives us mad at the merest whiff of Wyrm-scent and throws us against the enemy; it throws us against the ones we love, the ones we strive to protect; it throws us against ourselves and clouds everything like the smoke from a fire, leaving its residue on every thought and action. How impotent the feeling of knowing that your sole purpose for existing could be undermined every day, that you might be killed not by the enemy, but by Garou who had to quell your rage for the final time, because that rage is without harness and the Protector of the Ways became the threat; of knowing that you must not battle only the Wyrm and Gaia's enemies, but yourself for the invalidation of your whole reason for being. What thought is more terrifying than knowing you may be killed after you have killed those closest to you, or killed by them in the attempt. Not a monster with a thousand fangs that drip like the tears of its victims screaming in your face, for in that our purpose coalesces into the perfect moment of intention actualized; we may fear, but every Ahroun knows in the core of their spirit that this fight and all like it is their meaning in life. True, cold terror is the fight when we are not facing down the enemy, the rage we may unleash unbidden and the consequence that will bring. Not that, but dead for nothing; for the wrong choice of word at the wrong time in Luna's cycle. It is the fate of all Garou, of all Ahroun to be killed, but that uncoated truth, while not necessarily comforting, is releasing in its answer to the plaguing question that torments humans until we exist in the times between battle, in the moments of peace where our weapons can afflict only enemies."

Growls in Blood Silverfang

Quote :
Growls in Blood Werewolf_calender_2011_by_novawuff-d2y4kqh
My days are numbered I sit and listen to the wind and it says to keep moving
on I refuse to listen to the wind and confess all to the earth. Then I stopped and took
a breath and felt a trickle of warmth down my arms. I look down and find that my
love lies motionless in my arms slain by the evils of the world. I look up from her
to the sky as the rain starts to fall upon us I stand with her in my arms and carry her
to the sea where I shall soon join her in the life beyond. I draw my dagger and cut our
wrists to join our blood and plunge it into my god forsaken breast as I take my last
breath my name is called one last time, Ahroun. the waters turn red and fade back to blue.


Quote :
In the ages past the House Blood Red Crest made up the entirety of the Asian Nobility of Silverfangs. Very few children stemmed off this bloodline, and even fewer of them were actual lupus. This is the story of Prince Malikai "Growls in Blood" Nayar, the Lupus Prince of house Blood Red Crest. Due to the fact that history among the Garou is sang in song, there is very little detail in the terms of the year. Growls in Blood was born just under 7 years ago, which for a lupus is quite some time. He was born to the King of South Asia and a Silverfang lupus kinfolk. His birth was an extrodinary event, with the full moon radiating brightly and it was accompanied by both Mars and Helios. It was one of those strange summer days when the moon and the sun shared the sky for the briefest of moments, and it was one that marked Growls in Blood's birth in a multitude of red and white light. Growls in blood was the first born of a litter of 8, and only 3 of his litter survived the birthing. This is where he earned his name, as moments after the birthing of the 4th pup, he began to growl at the blood covering the remaining pups. Due to his lineage, him and his brother and sister pups were kept deep inside a monestary buried deep in the mountains near China. They were taught and trained in secrecy and taught to hunt and kill their pray under strict observation. The King of House Blood Red Crest had hoped to earn an heir through these pups as his wife had failed to bear him any children, and was rumored to have been struck sterile during her first pregnancy. Some believed that some sort of poison was involved but noone had come to produce any evidence, thus the King kept these pups secret even from his most trusted advisors and staff, as well as his wife.

It was a strange life for the lupus pups and they spent many days indoors under the roof, being taught basic commands and lessons. All 3 pups were exceptionally smart and intuitive, they showed problem solving skills from a young age, and could easily track many different smells. Growls in Blood however seemed at first to the trainers to be the most difficult minded. He was constantly staring down the others and even nipping occasionally at the trainers when he was displeased with them. This caused his trainers to become somewhat more disciplinary with him. They had originally thought to withhold food from him, however they soon learned that the other two would refuse to eat until Growls had eaten his share. However these trainers were smart enough to realize that if they kept Growls happy, he would be more then pleased to show his talents to them, and the other 2 would follow without question. This made the next several months easy to deal with the small pack of lupus.

It was near time of their 2nd birthday when the pups were out hunting for food in the mountains when the howls from a distance echoed loudly. The howls of war could be heard echoing through the valley and to the small hunting pack. It was coming from the monastary, within moments the red flames errupted upon the mountain and the howls of retreat could be heard. Those in the stealth pack sent to watch over the cubs quickly revealed themselves and ushered the cubs to flee into the mountains. Growls in blood was still thirsty from the hunt, and he could smell the smoke thickening through the trees, spreading through the area around the monastary and he was determined to save his home. He stood up proud and strong, looking directly back towards the monastery, the other two cubs quickly turned and fell into place beside him. The stealth pack growled at them and ushered them away, but Growls simply growled back and continued staring.

There was no point in running he knew, as he had caught the enemies scent all around them, it was either fight and live, or run and get caught. He growled out a few quick yips and barks and the 3 pups rushed towards a bush that had been hiding the view of something stalking them. Unfortunately they had no idea what was in store for them, when out around the bushes came an enormous black wolf.
Growls in Blood Werewolf_by_howlingwind14
Almost in an instant the large wolf with bat-like ears jumped onto his sister tearing her throat out in a single bite. Growls dove at the wolf, who ducked and slid under him and clawed at his brother with such a ferocious claw that it sent him flying into a tree. Growls could hear the death screams of his brother and sister and he could hear the laughter of the larger wolf in such a cold and malicious tone that he was quickly sent into a blood frenzy. He roared his defiance against the enemy wolf and began to circle him, keeping his head low and straight as he had been taught and his eyes firmly planted on the other wolf. The dark black wolf seemed hesitant for a moment, then his eyes began to burn with fury, and in a language Growls could understand said "Join us Pup, your time has come, join us or die!" and he leapt at him with a great clawed paw. Unfortunately for the larger wolf, he did not see the near instant flash of red over Growls in Blood's eyes, or that the moon had just seemed to crest over the forest enough to light him up. The rage had taken over Growls in Blood's mind in a near instant, he had lost total control and everything had went black. All he could hear was the distant sound of his dying packmates as his body seemed to distort and grow in size, his huge talon like hands grasping out and grabbing the hispo werewolf by the throat, lifting him as his body shifted to crinos and began to squeeze the life out of his opponent. In a flurry of teeth and claw, he shredded his opponent to bits while maintain his grasp around his neck. Soon there was nothing left but a skull and spinal cord of the large black wolf and Growls fell unconscious upon the ground reverting to his lupus form.

However there was little the stealth pack could do, they had been forced to engage the rest of the spirals packmates in a bloody festival of teeth, claws and steel. Out of nowhere 3 more black spirals stepped out of the umbra and quickly grabbed him, dragging him into the umbra. Upon reaching the umbra they quickly disappeared and with them took the only heir to the King of House Blood Red Crest with them, the Wyrm had definately won that day.

Growls in Blood Hitodama_by_maxarkes

Things were not without hope, for you see the Black Spiral Dancers weren't the only ones interested in the new Garou. The Black Spirals quickly carried the unconcious Lupus deeper into the Umbra in an attempt to get him away from the scene. Soon the area around them began to fill with a red light, and lightning began to grow in the heavens. The Spirials began to take on a more defensive posture, just as an old man stepped out thin air before them carried upon the back of a giant falcon. Soon the falcon transformed into a man covered in strange markings and with a very stoic appearance. The Black Spirals quickly backed away and drew out silver knives placing them over the fallen Growls in Blood, because before them stood his father and his House's totem Merlin...

Growls in Blood Wizard__s_Lamentations_by_Rhineville

Within a quick flash of the king's silver katana the first of the black spirals was cleaved in two, the blade over his son falling harmlessly to the ground. Merlin quickly blasted the other spiral with a blazing burst of fire and lightning that sent him burnt and smoldering to the ground. Within moments they both stood defensively over the young cub. The King ensuring the area was safe looked to Merlin and spoke. "My child is now known to my enemies, I fear he will not be safe in these lands. Our house is dwindling and we have many threats from within, I cannot trust them to see he is given the chance. By the light of Luna and the radiance of Mars and Helios he was brought into this world, I dare not see him taken out just yet. Please Merlin I beg of you, save my son, take him to someplace where my enemies are not, so that he might live to fight for our family." Merlin seemed troubled by the king's words, and seemed to think over the gravity of the situation. After many moments he spoke to the King... "For this favour is too great, and though I am able there is something you must know. The paths of fate wind ever clearer and we are not above them no matter the cost, should I do this for you, know this.... You will never see your son again while you still breathe, never again will you be able to gaze upon him with love, your son's path is that of a furious darkness, that even the future cannot predict will remain pure. Should he stay, you both shall die, but through the darkness he may rise to glory. Do you still wish this?"

The King looked proudly down at his son one last time, shedding a single tear upon him before uttering...

"I do."

With a bright flash of light, both Merlin and Growls in Blood were gone...

Quote :
With blood red fangs I release my cry,
Up towards the moon in the sky.
A beast of night I become,
Scaring human hunters numb.
In the forest theyíve lost their way,
And will not live another day.
Because their scent I have caught,
Them and the deer they just shot.
On the path now I can feel,
That Iím in for a tasty meal.
This is my forest and I rule,
My werewolf instincts my only tool.
My tongue burns for their taste,
Their bones Iíll gladly turn to paste.
Iím right behind them, I can smell their fear,
Fear not my friends the end is near.
Dodging their arrows and ripping them apart,
Through their rib cage and to their heart.

Quote :

Growls in Blood Blood-Red-Crest
House Blood Red Crest
Blood Red Crest
Regions: South Asia, China, India
Totem: Merlin
Ruler: King Palmarstan Nayar

The Asian Nobility of the Silver Fang though in recent years there has been a decline in cubs who have managed to make it to the rite of passage it appears that the House is being destroyed by some manner of strange treachery from without or within.

Merit: Due to Asia not being Involved in the war of rage the Blood Red Crest can communicate with totems and spirit that suffered during that time without repercussion, except for Bear. this does not extends to members of the changing breeds.

None yet

Looking to form one, or join one.

Quote :
Lupus Breed Gift
Silverfang Tribe Gift
Ahroun Auspice Gift

This is an explanation of the deeds performed to warrant his renown and rank.

Quote :
I run with the moon and sing for the stars.
I bow down to those higher than me.
I shout and yell as I play with my many friends.
We dance under the moon and thank her for her light.
When the rain falls upon us, we hide in our homes.
We hunt without spears or arrows.
We use what Mother Nature gave us.
We shout bad things to our prey to startle them.
I am in many stories as the good guy and the bad.
However,I stay neutral on the inside.
Today I shall dance for my moon.
Tomorrow I shall dance for the sun.
And at night I shall sing to my stars.

Quote :
2 permanent
-Singlehandedly killing an overpowering wyrm creature and surviving

1 permanent
-Defending the honor of his brother and sister


0 permanent

Quote :
Growls in Blood Moon_by_S4cr4m3nt
Lady Luna
by ~KittyRose

Lady Luna
Mother Moon
Come to me

Fill me with your light
The beautiful beacon
Filled with your love

Allow me to run
On wild feet
Let me see
Beyond the darkness
Give me the voice
Of a forest child
And let me embrace the freedom
You have promised me
Thirty nights ago

Be with me among the trees
Dance with me
Under the stars
Twirl and spin
As the crickets play
Hold me close
And never leave my side

Come to me, my grace
Sweet angel of the night
Shine your light
Of beautiful magic
And run with me

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PostSubject: Form Pics, Character pics, and Saved Pics   Growls in Blood I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 17, 2011 8:50 pm

Growls in Blood Hunter_by_yellowicous

Growls in Blood Heiko___Hispo_by_Tacimur

Saving for Posts
Saving for Posts
Saving for Posts
Saving for Posts
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PostSubject: Theme Music   Growls in Blood I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 01, 2011 12:24 am

Battle Song, Inspiration.

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PostSubject: Renown Deeds List   Growls in Blood I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 04, 2011 6:17 pm

Dec 01-Dec 4th
The stolen child and the Spider Queens belief that she would bring about darkness and must be slain. Rescued Haesha from the Queen and her minions and returned her to Omen where her life was saved from the brink of death. Stayed with Child through full recovery and have taken Haesha under my protection. She is now my cub, and her training begins.
-Defeating a very powerful minion of the Wyrm -a Nexus Crawler (7 glory)
-Defeating a very powerful minion of the Wyrm -a Nexus Crawler (7 glory)
-Defeating a very powerful minion of the Wyrm Tainted Spider Queen (7 glory)
-Protecting a helpless child (2 honor) Haesha (4 honor if she is cub)

Dec 13th. 8:35pm EST
Was told about vampire garou on the island. (-4 wisdom)
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PostSubject: Packmates   Growls in Blood I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 5:06 am

Pack Name:
Pack Purpose:
Pack Totem:
Pack Sept: Sept of the Dreamer's Eye
Pack Sept Duties:
Pack Ban:


Konstantine Markov -Shadowlord Fostern Philodox
Snow (Little Miss) - Silverfang Cliath Philodox
Eva -Black Fury
??? -Black Fury


Haesha-Kisses the Moon(unknown)
Wolf (Red Talon)

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Growls in Blood
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