Omen Eclispe- a world of fantasy, horror, and intrigue. A place set in the Dark Ages a time of death, struggle and riches. A place where not everything is what it seems and the night takes on a life of its own.
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 Artemis Busktv'rut "The-Dawn-Walker"

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PostSubject: Artemis Busktv'rut "The-Dawn-Walker"   Artemis Busktv'rut  "The-Dawn-Walker" I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2011 2:33 am

“When I returned from the Far Horizon, I was changed. I knew from that point on I was different, yet I cannot explain what I have seen without showing those who question my actions. I do not know if my dramatic change was for Better or Worse yet I have foreseen my destiny along with my fate. I was born to fight and to die.”

- Artemis Busktv'rut “The-Dawn-Walker”

[True Name]: Artemis Busktv'rut (Bus-ck-ver-ut)

[Garou Name]: Dawn Walker

[Clan]: Silver Fang (Blue Blood)
Clan Crescent Moon (based in Russia) - the oldest and most prestigious of Silver Fang Houses.
[Mark]: Theurge

[Age]: 23 (+First Time Warp + 20 Years when he Lost Himself in the Umbra) [Technically 43 + Whatever duration the Nebari server + then the Xanthis Server, then this current one.]

[Former/Current Rank]: Once Claith, Now Ronin

[Extent of Umbra Traveled]: The Far Horizon

[Pack Members]:

Rift-Paw (Red Talon Fostern)

[Past/Current Acquaintances] :

Thorning (Silver Fang) [Unknown Fate]

Farkus (Fianna) [Unknown Fate]

Grendle Turth (Get of Fenris) [Unknown Fate]

Helios Sin (White Howler, Legendary) [Unknown Fate – Presumed fallen since Lion fell to the Wyrm and there can never be White Howlers.]

Rift-Paw (Red Talon) [Alive]

[Height]: 6'1
[Weight(Human)]: 230 lbs

[ Personality ]:

Bluntly stated, Artemis suffers from a great deal of inner turmoil, to such an extent that at times he can fall into extended absences of solitude or deep meditative trances in the blink of an eye. While he is strong willed and a naturally an adept Leader, the Silver Fang is plagued by his past actions and memories which almost seem to dictate his present situations and responses. Overall he holds a deep, inner wisdom, yet also a subtle rage that radiates off his body.

His responses, when in a healthy state of mind, are decisive and direct at every moment and grants him the tendency to make quick allies everywhere he goes.

As for being a descendant of the Silver Fangs, Artemis has long since understood his place in the Garou world, along with the places of others around him. With this comes the understanding of knowing when to act, although his mind may fool him at times, leading him into states of delusion, mild hallucinations or near sociopath traits.

As for any Being, Artemis goes by his own self set rules and personal Litany, which is the cause of his wandering nature. He can also be known to kill without regret or thought those who threaten his own personal goals or those of his close friends.

Artemis has been known to Hallucinate when alone, most of these hallucinations are old companions, beasts of the Wyrm that gloat and taunt the Silver Fang, and even his father, who to some extent, he believes is his guardian spirit. All of these hallucinations in some form or another, express his own weakness for himself and his addiction to the Umbra.

[The Umbra Addiction]:

As stated, Artemis has a keen sense of the umbra and finds it extremely easy to Step-Sideways, even at times, unintentionally entering the Umbra. This natural genetic trait, or preferably recognized Liability, is one of his greatest attributes along with his foreseen undoing.

To Artemis, the Umbra is his escape, a place he can return to, where all are stripped to their spiritual forms and cannot be judged, a place of freedom that is accompanied by little to no regrets. In short, it is his playground, his own personal adventure and the only way he believes he can be close to Gaia, Luna and his past allies along with his relatives.

To others, it can be seen as almost a drug. The Russian spends extremely small amounts of time outside of the Umbra, which has caused mental, and physical damage to his body from these extensive periods. This has also alienated him from most of his relationships with others, if not destroying them. In the past he was confronted for his knowledge, and ideals of the Umbra, but later on he was deemed a hazard by his fellow Garou due to his almost Light-Switch personality.

A trait of this unnatural alteration of his physical composition, is the eerie blue mist that seems to weep from his eye sockets. When outside of the Umbra his eyes are a unnatural blue, when inside, his eyes seemingly melt away to empty sockets in which the Mist stated begins to leak. This can be seen in all of his forms, as long as he is close to a Umbral Entrance, or in the Umbra itself. In the past, this attribute was examined closely by his Septs elders, but no visible Wyrm taint was recognized or foreseen, this trait seemingly does not grant the Silver Fang any additional visions besides Moral damage.

Besides his Physical deterioration, Artemis has undergone mental Deterioration; even going as far as to have large memory lapses from his earlier parts of life. This is caused by his hazardous and reckless obsession with the many planes of the Umbra and having traveled to many dangerous, mind effecting places of existence. He has, on a positive note, more extensive knowledge of where he has been, yet he has also sacrificed parts of himself in the process to gain this knowledge.

In the end, Artemis is aware of his condition in some situations, however he has yet to fully understand the extent of his deterioration. In most cases it is his will against... Well, His own. His naïve strong natured willpower in the end saves him, which can explain his return from the outer reaches of the Umbra that are usually based on such when one wishes to travel to their desired location or escape an unintentionally visited plane.

[Appearance (Humanoid)]:

Dawn strikes you as a mildly attractive fellow at first, his features generally untainted if one overlooks the many scars across his body from excessive years of combat. His steady gaze reminds you of a man who has seen much and doesn't look as if he wishes to discuss it.

In general, his expressions are firm, judgmental and accompanied by a moral breaking gaze. Dawns facial features are well rounded, a firm jaw, a straight nose that looks to evenly center his face, two silver-white eyebrows and a large scar that runs from his cranium, down his cheek and to is chin.

To offset these key components, Dawns eyes are a dazzling blue color and almost seem to be unnatural. Yet while this may be, he seems to strike you as a person who is always silently laughing at those around him.

As for clothing, Dawn tries very hard to garb himself in Silver chain mail, or thin dark outfits with pants that hug his legs which grants greater access to mobility if needed. Strangely enough, Dawn always wears an ankle chain entirely composed of silver on his left foot that seems to have been broken long ago, the reasoning behind this is unknown.

At first glance, the observer can almost be certain he attempts to dress himself elegantly, if almost noble, yet his dire alienation from Garou and Human Societies leaves him a little... out of touch.

[Appearance (Wolf)]:

Dawn resembles a sleek, agile white coated wolf with deep, menacing blue eyes that faintly weep a light blue mist. The cranial scar still runs from behind his right ear, down his right cheek, to his snout. The wolf itself looks to weigh roughly 180 lbs and surprisingly wears a silver ankle chain on it's front left paw.

[Appearance (Crinos)]:

Standing before you, is the Epitome of Garou nature. The Beast, The Rage, The War form. When in Crinos, Dawn resembles a large 6'8, humanoid wolf-like creature that has a sleek, silver-white fur coat and two large blue eyes that weep deep blue mist.

While in this form, the cranial injury still exists, and the lack of fur regrowth over the area hints that the scarring is unnatural.

Along the creatures snout, are multiple scars, as if long ago the beast had bitten something that perhaps wasn't meant to be rendered with fangs and has left permanent scarring.

On the Crinos' left foot, is the trademark Silver ankle chain that still to this day remains a mystery to all but himself.


So the story begins... What I can account for over my existence is shady... most of my memories lost to me... I was born of Garou and Kin, Child of White-Dawn and Abigail. As for my childhood the early years of parental bonding and acts of kinship are lost to me.

What I can remember... is the above natural affinity to Step Sideways. This started at a very young age when I would venture the dense wilderness that our Sept humbly nestled in. This event was the entire purpose I dedicate my life to how it is now... For the Umbra is the largest mystery to we Garou that remains unsolved...

For that moment, when I had crossed over my boundaries of comfort were instantly broken, thrown into an extended universe was I that begged to be traversed by my young, eager steps.

I was not the expert I am now, nor did I have life's knowledge and experience. I ventured too far and became lost. After some extended period of time I was found by my father, who guided me back to the place we called home.

That is all that I remember of my childhood, sadly. The extent of being lost in the planes upon which I travel even now, when it seemed so ... unfamiliar.

During my teenage years I spent all of my recreational time inside the Umbra when I was not studying and earning my own education. (My mother insisted upon this and to this day I thank her even though I was reluctant... ah to be young...)

To me the Umbra was my world of education, of entertainment, of Knowledge. I learned much from there and much from my father when he could spare time to teach me.

During this story, the reader will notice I am extremely vague about my life history, they should also note, that during my extent in the Umbra and the information I now hold of it, I was forced to sacrifice my own memories, for the memories of my ancestors and guardian spirits. This might seem to be a severe choice, yet I would make the same choice again if I had the opportunity to. Instead of filling this story with untrue banter and fictitious dialogue, I simply choose for it to be vague. My Apologies if this distresses you.

- DW

(Bits and Pieces discarded in the journal)

I took it into routine to watch Gideon, Alpha of the Sept as he gazed out into the sea each night... He always fixated his unbreakable gaze on that large body of water, I would even go to call the Nebari Dock District his second home, his eyes... they were like mine... That mist that seemed to be so familiar to me... yet he had it... Did he face the same inner turmoil I did at that time? Better yet... Did he ever find himself while gazing into the distance?

I will never know, that place is so distant... and even my powers cannot take me there.

I have slain three fellow Garou this eve... I was cleansing the tainted castle when they approached me with little to no respect and claws and fangs bared. I was challenged. My honor was at stake... Or was it?

I have killed them... I do not know if it was self defense... yet I seemed so powerful, finally worthy opponents... yet it was wrong of me... Yet I cannot let anyone know. Ever. I will bear this secret for all eternity, forgive me... Father.

I have been removed from the Sept, Gideon had no choice but to allow me the option of walking out on my own. So I did. I am now a Ronin to my people, Outsider, Outcast, Loner. Yet I will still help them in their time of need that quickly approaches... I wi-....

The Sept is Under Attack! Wyrm taint flows freely and threatens my prior home. I will rise amongst my former companions and help defend our existence. Damnable Wyrm taint.

I was victorious over the Wyrm this day, I have fought alongside my companions when they thought I would not, they actually seemed... Surprised.

Grendle, the Fenris and I were the only two non-severly damaged Garou, we are the victors of the spoils, tales shall be spoken of us in years to come I am sure.

After the Wyrm tainted Dancers were either fled or slain by our hands... I bid farewell to my companions and returned to the Umbra...

I have much contemplation to do...

Today ....... the..... F-..... Hori-on wa-..... achi-ve-.... -ch con-tion...

I.... h.... e..... s....n .... ...
th.... Wyrm.


The one known as Artemis stands on the brim of the Far Horizon, his eye sockets slowly weeping the familiar deep blue mist, his gaze looking over the expansion of the Deep Universe, the stars and the planets beyond.

He speaks slowly, his mind a spiraling hurricane from the recent events, memories, lost emotions such as Depression, a sense of loss. The stronger emotions dominating the weaker ones, Anger, Hate, Rejection, Loss.

“My back is to the wall... I am a chained beast to my own Mind. I am lost to myself.” The Silver Fang lowers his head, his silver coat shimmering almost like the sunset cast on an oceans waves.

He stands in Crinos Form, he wouldn't travel this far in the Umbra without all of his power out on the table.

The Silver Fang clenches his fists, his claws digging into his palms, his muscles bulging, flexing.

“So many places before me that I can barely remember... Nebari... my place of birth, only the spirits know how long ago that was.... Xanthis, my stay was short, yet I feel I could have played a larger part in that chapter of my life...”

“I am slowly beginning to go Insane, I can feel it. Or am I in another state of delusion? Is this simply another Hallucination brought onto me by my own inner demons?”

The Crinos reaches up, scratching at the scar that runs from his cranium, down his face, to his snout. As he does so, the Silver ankle chain rattles gently in the open void of the Far Horizon.

“How small the Umbra makes me feel, yet I feel almost comforted by it, like the gentle caress of a loving Parent. I feel even my most locked away emotions battering at the steel wall over my spirit when I stand at the brim of my existence.”

The Crinos exhales, a warm cloud visible from his snout.

“Temptations, Fate, Destiny?” Artemis lets his arms fall slack to his sides, lifting his head to gaze back at Earth and the Spirit Wilds.

“Perhaps another time...” The Theurge steps back from The Far Horizon, back to where his friend was.




... Omen.
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Artemis Busktv'rut "The-Dawn-Walker"
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