Omen Eclispe- a world of fantasy, horror, and intrigue. A place set in the Dark Ages a time of death, struggle and riches. A place where not everything is what it seems and the night takes on a life of its own.
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 Marthas's Stories and Actions

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PostSubject: Marthas's Stories and Actions   Marthas's Stories and Actions I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 09, 2011 11:12 pm

The day of Sacrifice

It was a cold October night the citizens of omen were in a slight panic as they knew the Shadow man was to come. And he was looking for victims, I took a slight nap within the town and a guard came over. He whacked me on the head with his halberd saying i should head in side that the shadow man was coming. I took it for granted thinking i was stronger than this man, He walked away after putting the small fire out. Saying that he's seen stronger men fall to him this being the first time i heard of him i still believed i could take the shadow man down. Little did i know i was terribly wrong, not long after the talk the shadow man appeared saying he did not need two of the five of us. First he took the vampire without much of a fight then he came back and asked me if i would come silently or if i would put up a fight. Of course i said i would fight, He then disappeared and reappeared behind me holding a Sword that glowed red with evil and attacked. Before i knew it the fight was over he managed to take me down within a few seconds and cuffed me with fetish silver cuffs. He had somehow used the umbra realm as a passageway to their hide out and left me there. I was stuck with a human male and the vampire female, the cuffs annoying me i struggled as best as i could the cuffs then started to set my arms ablaze. Not literally but it was the feeling then he came back with a female Garou named Evanine who tried to help me out of my restraints. But it was to no avail as not much longer a different shadow man appeared this one a female, the human willing to sacrifice himself for us to live. Within mere seconds we were all in the caves below the tunnels which was underneath omen. I constantly tried to free myself nearing ripping my arms from my hands to kill the shadow man whom continued with the sacrifice. Shoving a acidic blade into the man killing him within a few seconds. She soon came over to me smearing it on my face then to the vampire and next Evanine chanting some prayer to their god. A light appeared from each of us and went to the middle and the next thing i knew. We were all on the ground nearly dead which was when Raed and Arthur came into the area tending to the women as i talked to Gaia herself. She was speaking to me through my mind rewarding me for enduring what they had done to me. I managed to be able to flip my self over to see Evanine vomiting everywhere the vomit was actually starting to move toward the humans body engulfing him. Then my gaze turned towards the Vampire woman who's body had suddenly burst into flames. Raed and Arthur tried to stop it and get help but the fire kept them both as a distance as neither wanted to catch fire. She Unfortunately to the leeches was turned to ash but, Surprisingly nothing had become of me other than my powered having been drained. The four of us quickly left the place me and Evanine went to the elders to report what happened Arthur and Raed is unknown to me of what they did.

The Attack on Omen

It started like every other day, darkness, and a quiet town, I left for the grave yard to train. But once I went back to the town i noticed fighting up ahead Umbral creatures had spilled over into the normal world. So Naturally i joined the fight with the two other garou, a female and a male. They managed to knock the wind out of me with a strange technique As well as the other male nearly killing us. The other creatures puked a black tar like substance onto us which started to burn as if those areas were being licked by flames. Which we had quickly learned dried and came off quickly with dirt, Only a few moments later a vampire which at that time i had no idea was a vampire. Came out angry at us thinking we had attacked the guard as well as the female who had transformed into his crinos form. After continuous defending statements that i was not one of the garou as to hide that i was as i had no idea he was a vampire at that time. I had gone to the tavern to talk with him about what had happened, but after awhile the conversation had turned to talking about the shadow man and how i needed more people to take him down. The vampire then revealed what he was and agreed to bring the sun back to make omen a safe haven for each of the races i didn't believe him but we needed leeches to undo the rituals. When we went back to the entrance to the town of omen more creatures attacked they had different types of Umbral creatures which over and over until. Zimi's own minions had come which we took down with ease and then abominations taken form of garou had come to attack the town. Which we could not fight off as we were weak from the continuous battles so i had to retreat to a distance and change form to take two of them down which had attempted to follow me. I quickly ran back to the entrance of omen only to have seen the destruction the larger one had caused. I ran into town quickly taking action as the abomination had a child in his maw and started to hammer at it with my fists but the creature became impervious to my attacks and started to howl. Calling more abominations more powerful than anything the others had fought but realizing what one of them was from earlier fights i knew i couldn't defeat them. So i had fled back to the Sept hoping for help against the abominations but was granted nothing. Out of anger i said terrible things about what the elders were and that they were failing to do and went back to the town to fight them myself. but alas they were gone their dark deed done as i found many peoples corpses. I brought one of our kin Evanine back to the sept to washed her up and started bandage her in hopes that i could save her. But then the alpha displeased with what i had said, scolded and yet did not punish me physically except for binding me to the ground with the gift. I set out to find the rest of the ritual sites in which garou and leech alike had confined father helios to his prison with barely any knowledge of what had to be done.
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Marthas's Stories and Actions
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