Omen Eclispe- a world of fantasy, horror, and intrigue. A place set in the Dark Ages a time of death, struggle and riches. A place where not everything is what it seems and the night takes on a life of its own.
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 Makeo, the Grave Digger

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PostSubject: Makeo, the Grave Digger   Makeo, the Grave Digger I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 15, 2011 4:56 am

Makeo, the Grave Digger Capadocian


Age: Unknown*
Clan: Capadocian???
Nature: Unknown*
Demeanor: Preacher
Generation: Unknown, rumored to be one of Lazarus' brood.
Flaws: Touch of the Grave, Errie Presense, Grip of the Damned
Merits: Spirit Mentor, Oracular Ability
Disciplines: Auspex 3, Fortitude 4, Mortis (Bone Path 5, Sepulcher 2, Ash Path 1), Obfuscate 3, Thaumaturgy (Lure of Flames 1), Dominate 1

Alive, the Embalmer
Quote :
Makeo, the Grave Digger Necromancer_rhanloo_by_anndr-d3bedov

Seen around the graveyards near Omen. Rumored to have washed upon the shore in a ship like most, but some whisper a darker tale....
Quote :
I am the mortician.
The undertaker.
The embalmer of bodies.

They give me their deceased,
Their rotting corpses,
Their decaying dead
And I recreate them.

My knife will press deeply into
The hollow of your throat and
Pierce the soft surface so easily,
Mere cobwebs to my sharpened razor.
Crimson blood will seep from the wound,
Trickle down slowly at first,
Then gush out, cascading down your neck
Painting you in your own fluids.
The smell, sour yet sweet.
Once warm to the touch, but now is ice cold.
The formaldehyde, with it's haunting sent
That I can taste regretfully on my tongue,
Replaces that which I have drained from you.
I taste it in the air, like acid and decaying dreams,
Like a settled sadness that will never leave.
I will reach my fingers past your teeth, feel them
Lightly graze my knuckles as I push cotton
Down the endless tunnel of your throat.
Cotton will keep your carcass from leaking.
And what a shame it would be to go out looking so miserable,
So I will glue your mouth shut with a smile.

They give me their deceased,
Their rotting corpses,
Their decaying dead
And I recreate them.

Because I am the mortician.
The undertaker.
The embalmer of bodies.

Armored of Caine, the Keeper
Quote :
Makeo, the Grave Digger Necromancer_Lord_by_Kseronarogu

Rumored Origin: 342 BC, France.

Quote :
The first time I died I was alone
Laid to rest in a grave both cold and deep
My body wrapped up in seaweed
And Placed apon a plater of golden sand
With a garden of colorful cwarl all around me
My blue remains to be seen only by the cold blooded warriors all clad in scail mail
I had tried to fight the currents that dragged me down into the dark
But they were stronger
They wrapped me tight
Turned me cold
And filled my lungs with more than salt
Water is stronger then life
But Love is stronger than death
I returned for you
If only to haunt you one last time
But when you pretended not to care I died inside

The Third time I died there was no fight
No sign of struggle
I willed my life to end
But my new fire seemed harder to extinguish than before
I danced a jig with the swinging rope
But all I got was a sore throte
My trigger finger squeezed cold steal
Click, the barle fired
But death did not come
Razors sank teeth deep to release pools of warmpth and paint the floor red
But there was no pain and no end
Finally the taste of sweet pioson laid me underground
For what seemed to be the last time

You hadn't meant the pain you caused
And this time you came for me
It lifted my soul to see you coming and hear your sorry words
Just for you I rose up one last time
You were in a boat without a paddle
And lost in a sea of brown water
You had wished for my involvment to be none
In problems you created
For they were rightfuly yours, not mine
But now you needed me by your side
And I agreed to help you fight through your problems

The last time I died I was in a place I'd never been before
A room filled with people who had murder on their minds
Each driven by their own reasons to kill
My back was turned
The hand flew lightning fast
The blade cut deep
There was no time to feel the pain
Only moments for one last look at you
Our eyes met
Milaseconds passed, maybe it was forever
Then I fell to pieces
And there was nothing even you could do to stop my fire from going out
I would never return to this plain of existance again
All that was left for you to do was wait for your number to be called
So we might be reunighted in death
But until then you would scream and cry
And send the murder men to keep me company...

Death, the Harbringer of Sorrow
Quote :
Makeo, the Grave Digger Skeleton_by_DavidRapozaArt

Seen in 492 BC in Assyria, 418 AD Austria, in 682 AD in Prussia and again rumored to have appeared in Spain in 1087 AD. Last seen in Eygpt only several years ago to this very date...

An Encounter, 1337 AD;

Quote :
Throughout all of history, it is stated that humans never understand or cherish what they have until they realize life without that precious thing. No matter how many times humans are told that they must cherish what they have, they simply wish for more. Their greed causes them to lose all of the wonderful things they have, and they continue to make careless errors without even a second thought. Humans never take into consideration the choices they make can effect those before them, those around them, and those after them. The choices humans make effect the entire world now matter how large or small. However, the large errors are the haunting ones that last a lifetime, if they can survive with the devastating choice they have made.

"The contract, I wish to make it void." The chill breeze rustled the nobleman's long coat as he stood firmly against the winter air. The man was garbed in many shades stretching from an intense pearl to a crisp ebony. He had hopes that no one would catch him in the midnight hour speaking with the creature he had come to find just as he had that night so many years ago when he was near his own death. Deep amber eyes stared toward the oldest of the monasteries. His white gloved hand twitched toward the hilt of his sword knowing this encounter had the possibility of becoming quite ugly.

"The pact was sealed with your blood. It can not become void, no matter how much you plead." The voice that hissed from within the old monastery that was barely holding itself together after the years. The nobleman knew the pact must be broken for the sake of his entire family. He could not allow this creature to deny his wishes, so he did what any father and husband would do, he took his chances and continued closer toward the monastery. The black magic pulsing through him belonged to this creature who was shrouded in the shadows of the cemetery, but if he had his say so, he would change that tonight. There would be no more magic in his bloodline. "I can not and will not take no for an answer, demon." His voice was stern as he gripped his hand on the barely cracked opening of the cemented wall. His eyes peered inside to search for where the demon was. What a foolish move.

Suddenly, the world was a blur of motion. The air rushed from his lungs sending him backward and into the deep snow. He couldn't allow the iced snow upon the ground to deter him from his goal, yet the pain inside of his chest was quite strong as he coughed and attempted to catch his breath. His hoarse breaths caused the demon to speak up in a louder tone. "Landon, our deal was signed in blood nearly two decades ago. You have been living well with your power, while I have taken nothing from you. However, when I attempt to claim my half of the bargain, you refuse me." The creature stepped from the monastery still hiding himself within the shadows of it, not even his dull maroon eyes were visible from the darkness. "You have agreed without a second thought to what our pact was. Yet now that you know, you beg and cry for things to be changed. The folly is yours, not mine, Landon. Accept what can not be changed and drown in your own misery."

Landon pressed his palms against the snow lifting himself up to his feet once more. His deep amber eyes stared up at the flakes beginning their descent to the ground. He could not and would not allow the pact to be fulfilled as long as there was still breath within his lungs. With his gloved hands gripping tightly around the hilt of his sword, he thrust it out into the night air. His blade shimmered brightly in the moonlight. "By my life, I swear I will make our pact void." "Swear you will, Landon?" The creature allowed his iced breath to hit the air causing a chill to surround the royal knight who tried to appear strong even with fear clawing at his insides. "Only a foolish human would swear what he knows he will be unable to do. It is unfortunate that you have become weakened by the love for that wretched family of yours." The nobleman allowed his amber gaze to narrow before he charged forward. There was a change in his footing that caused the demon to simply stand still lifting a simple clawed hand into the air. Landon felt his eyes widen greatly his blade was caught by the creature without a drop of blood touching the snow. "Impossible." He could barely breathe before he saw the demon open his eyes to a bright crimson. His stitched mouth ripped open to show bloodied large teeth as it obviously watered at the thought of devouring the human.

The next moment, Landon found his wrist cracking against an angel cemented upon a tombstone while his sword lodged itself into the snow. This could not be the end. A painful groan escaped him as he gripped his broken wrist knowing what he would have to do in order to defeat this foe. To defeat a demon, one would have to become a demon. "This new weakness has made you unable to live with the choices you made during your younger years. I can not see how this new life can make you fight so. You barely even know the child. What is one life weighted against all of the lives you have taken using the powers I lent to you?" The demon seemed honestly curious, yet at the same time, he didn't care enough to wait for an answer.

Landon allowed the black magic inside of him to float out around his arm causing the fabric of his coat to stretch and rip apart as his skin melted away to reveal a hideous arm similar to that of the demon's. The skin was armor plated in appearance and glistened in the moonlight as he pulled his fingers insuring his broken wrist now was mended. His eyes darkened as he set his gaze upon the creature who simply lifted his own arm beckoning the human forward for a battle. Landon focused his magic around his hand as his fingers melted together becoming a blade that stretched outward the length of his arm. He rushed forward attempting to banish all fear from his mind. This was for his family. He thought of his beautiful wife holding her pregnant abdomen with a smile across her lips along with his small daughter who cheerfully waved at him. The woman he loved, the daughter he brought into this world as well as the child who would soon be born, he was fighting for them.

The demon caught his hand much like he had the sword, but Landon cut his hand down deep into the demon completely cutting his arm into two. In shock, the creature thrust the man away with his own magic holding his arm that bled an oil tone of black against the white snow. Landon felt as if he would be triumphant, until he heard the demon's light chuckle. The blood in his veins ran cold until it felt as if it were frozen. No.. "Landon, you must remember who gave you the power you are using." The noble felt his body tremble as his eyes watched the demon grip his own blood soaked arm. I-Impossible. Landon hadn't thought of what the demon could do to hinder his own powers, but that lack realization would be his undoing.

His face was suddenly over taken completely by a look of absolute pain. Landon couldn't help but shout in agony as he felt blood erupt from the spot his arm had been connected a moment ago. He barely saw the demon standing before him with no expression holding his own arm with blood running down his armored skin. The agony that filled Landon only caused the demon to allow the stitches across his mouth to rip completely as his jaw began to unhinge. His eyes shifted from the demon stepping toward him to his own arm lying in the snow causing a large trail of blood from the puddle forming beneath him. He felt himself choking on his own blood as he gripped his shoulder in pain. The images of his wife and daughter were not enough to banish his fear as it began to claim him. He was dying in vain. The demonic arm of his began to fade back to his normal human one as he stared at it across the way before iced breath hit against his face causing his head to turn quickly finding the demon face to face with him.

"Demon!" Landon barely managed in his suffering to spurt out the words in a gargle of blood. The demon cast his head down as he hovered above the trembling human who would be dead in moments, possibly much sooner if he were allowed his fun. "Please! I Beg You!" He choked out with the pain and fear devouring his soul. "Take Me Instead!" The crimson orbs staring toward him made the answer all too obvious. Landon felt his whole body grow cold as he trembled with the blood running down from his now purple lips and gathering at his chin. He coughed painfully before the demon gripped the mess of blood twisting his claws into it. Landon shouted in agony. This was the end. What more could he do to continue? "If you had never attempted to make our pact null, you could have enjoyed those final years with your daughter, son, and wife." Landon stared at the demon feeling tears forming in his eyes. Man or not, the pain of claws twisting into his wound caused them to form. He shouted once more before his other arm fell to the ground beside him.

The demon would leave hours after he had completely mutilated Landon Nanette in the cemetery and left his pieces scattered about. He would not devour more than the soul and leave the rest for the humans to find and cry about. He doubted the cowards would even attempt to find a criminal to push this murder onto. Who could be so brutal as well as powerful to mutilate one of the queen's royal knights? It was unheard of, but the demon would watch and wait. He would wonder about until the time was right to reveal himself to the next soul he would devour. With his lips stitched back together, he fell back into the monastery.

Witnessed by a follower of Set who reported it to his elders in eygpt. Rumor has it the Follower of Set went missing 3 days later due to mysterious circumstances.

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PostSubject: Revealed information   Makeo, the Grave Digger I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 16, 2011 3:25 pm

Revealed IC history

-Nothing to this date on the island.
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PostSubject: The Search   Makeo, the Grave Digger I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 12, 2012 12:37 am

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Makeo, the Grave Digger
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