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 Riely (Lillith)

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Riely (Lillith) Vampire_queen_by_yukikachan-d383abn

Statistical Information: (With explanations! Biography coming soon!)
Name: Riely
Sex: Female
Species: Vampire
Clan: Tzimisce
Orientation: Bi-Sexual Lesbian (See:
Nationality: Eirish (Irish)
Languages: Gaelic, French, "Common"
Birth: November 5th, 1300
Death: November 4th, 1315

Animalism: 1
Auspex: 2
Domance: 2
Obfuscate: 2
Viccissitude: 4

Merits/Flaws: (Sourced from:

Desired Merits: (Both flaws and merits are RP based, and while flaws are supported openly none of the merits thus far have DM support.)
Flaws (O.M.G. I <3 Flaws)

Impossible Standard
Perfectionism is a very difficult standard, considering that nothing can ever be perfect, especially in the World of Darkness. Characters with this Flaw berate themselves for falling short of the standard they set for themselves. When applied to others, it becomes the Social Flaw
Explanation: Riely wants to be good its a choice it has consequence, not just regular good, the kind of good that makes paladins look like brigands.

Bard's Tongue (1) (CL, most): What you say tends to come true; you can't control this prophetic ability, and the compulsion to speak an uncomfortable truth is often very hard to resist, though you may attempt to do so by spending Willpower.
Explanation: Riely never lies, sometimes she shouldn't be so sure, but its worked out so far even when it might not.

Compulsion (1) (most): You have a specific compulsion which may cause you problems. You have to spend a temporary Willpower point to fight the compulsion for a short time
Explanation: Excessive compulsive, save the people syndrome, more particular to nice people being maimed in front of her.

Lifesaver (3) (most): You revere all life and will not risking killing someone at all costs. Unfortunately, in the World of Darkness, this can sometimes be a problem.
Explanation: More then true (She almost qualifies for pacifism but if it comes down to it shes much more likely to smack someone then she is to actually kill them - extreme circumstances may make her break from this desire, but she will regret it eternally, HUGE exception to perceived monsters.)

Phobia (1 or 3) (most): You have a specific, incredibly powerful fear. The 1 point version, you have to succeed a Willpower roll. You will refuse to approach the object of your fear if you get less than three successes, and will flee if you fail the roll. The 3 point version, you must succeed a willpower roll or be incapacitated by your fear, or if you are a Werewolf or Vampire, you will have to make the appropriate roll or enter a fox frenzy/rötschreck.
Explanation: 2 - Riely more then any fear of dying or failure, has an excessive fear of dead oak trees (exception to those cut down to make lumber). Coming from her fili, and druidic teachings, and own personal experience - a dead oak, especially by disease is a sign that symbolizes everything she cannot stand with the world, this however would never cause her to 'frenzy' as she is unlikely to ever reach such a state even by normal means.

Curiosity (2) (most): Your incredible curiosity often overrides your common sense. Resisting temptation requires a successful Wits roll, difficulty depending on the situation. A very bad flaw to take with certain evil sadistic Storytellers. A 3-point version in Bastet makes you obsessed with any mystery you come across, and you'll do anything to solve it.
Explanation: Unless seemingly like an inherently bad cruel, or evil idea. Asking questions exploring and trying to understand is something she almost always falls into, even if to others it would more then obviously seem a trap.

Driving Goal (3) (most): You have some goal which is at the basis of all your motivations, though it is of such depth or impossibility, it could probably never be achieved. Your obsession with your vision can temporarily be soothed by spending Willpower.
Explanation: SECRET!

Sensation Junkie (2) (B): You're addicted to sensation, and will do anything to find new means of stimulation. You must roll Willpower to resist taking the opportunity to try a new kick, difficulty depending on the situation.
Explanation: Blame lulu

Hero Worship (1) (S): You idolize absolutely idolize someone, and disobeying them requires an effort of will (spending Willpower or succeeding a Willpower roll at 5+ difficulty). You also are at +2 difficulty to any roll that may force you to admit/realize that your hero may be in the wrong.
Explanation: Lulu fits this. Perfectly without a doubt, Lulu can do no wrong.

Intolerance (1) (most): You have difficulty tolerating a specific thing or type of person. +2 difficulty on rolls involving that thing.
Explanation: Rats.

Allergic (1-3) (VPG2, BOS): You suffer from an allergy to some substance; a 1 pt. version inconveniences you and may increase difficulties in certain situations, the 3 pt. version means you have an incapacitating or even a potentially fatal reaction to the substance.
Explanation: Allergic 3: Spoiled/Bad Mead, given her vampirism this usually doesn't come up, but if drank she would certainly go into a long torpor, for up to a decade or a minimum of a month until the mead is filtered, or drained out of her. Research into her mortal family line, and discussions about her parents and aunts and uncles is also likely to reveal this likely-hood.

Inconvenient Alliance(1-3)(CL): You have an ally with someone who is discomforting to you and/or your circle, but can't easily get rid of him because of a favor owed, sense of guilt, or whatever. Level of flaw reflects how controversial or dangerous this ally is.
Explanation: Zasha, her other best friend, a vampire hunter of high caliber. (1 while zasha is below level 20, 2 while below level 30, and 3 after Zasha hits level 30)

Geas (3/5/7) (S, some PGs): Due to an ancient or not-so-ancient pact, or oath made during initiation into something, you have a supernatural taboo placed upon you. If you break it, you may be cursed for life, or lose your powers, or something else bad will happen. A 3-point geas will unlikely affect your everyday life; a 7-point geas is one where risk of breaking must be watched constantly.
Explanation: (7) The nature of her embrace, wasn't exactly a reward, and her nature of complete honesty and a desire to help people, make her keeping the masquerade in check if left to her own devices, impossible. As such her sire marked her so that the soil about her, the soil of her homeland that is which she must sleep with every night as a tenant of her clan, constantly renews a curse that keeps her from ever breaking the masquerade or admitting her nature to anyone who is not a vampire beyond a shadow of a doubt. However she sometimes gets around this by following what other people say and speaking vaguely to try and direct a subject, she can never say anything in public. Any design to break this effect on her that is not perfectly executed will result in her immediate destruction by means of being devoured by her clans eldest.

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Riely (Lillith)
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