Omen Eclispe- a world of fantasy, horror, and intrigue. A place set in the Dark Ages a time of death, struggle and riches. A place where not everything is what it seems and the night takes on a life of its own.
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 The Loreto Family

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The Loreto Family Empty
PostSubject: The Loreto Family   The Loreto Family I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 5:21 am

The Loreto Family Loreto10

Quote :
According to the New Testament, Jesus was raised by Mary and Joseph in a small town called Nazareth, near Jerusalem. Joseph was a carpenter, and their house was humble. Three centuries after the life of Jesus, the newly-converted Emperor Constantine built a basilica over the humble brick house believed to have sheltered the Holy Family. According to Catholic tradition, the Holy House came under threat during the turmoil of the Crusades, so in 1291, angels miraculously translated the house from its original location to a site in modern-day Croatia. An empty space was left in Nazareth and a small house suddenly appeared in a field in Croatia. The bewildered parish priest, brought to the scene by shepherds who discovered it, had a vision in which the Virgin Mary revealed it was her former house. On December 10, 1294, the house was again moved by angels because of the Muslim invasion of Albania. It landed first in Recanti, Italy, but was shortly thereafter moved for a third time to its present location in Loreto. The Holy House of Loreto, or Santa Casa di Loreto in Italian, has been venerated by pilgrims great and small, including many popes and saints, and numerous miracles and healings have been reported. Scientists are said to have confirmed the materials to be the same as those found in Nazareth and the house lacks normal foundations.

The Loreto Family Acre_Church_by_barontieri

Quote :
A stone upon the house reads; "you have before your eyes the Holy House of Loreto, venerable throughout the world on account of the Divine mysteries accomplished in it and the glorious miracles herein wrought. It is here that most holy Mary, Mother of God, was born; here that she was saluted by the Angel, here that the eternal Word of God was made Flesh. Angels conveyed this House from Palestine to the town Tersato in Illyria in the year of salvation 1291 in the pontificate of Nicholas IV. Three years later, in the beginning of the pontificate of Boniface VIII, it was carried again by the ministry of angels and placed in a wood near this hill, in the vicinity of Recanati, in the March of Ancona; where having changed its station thrice in the course of a year, at length, by the will of God, it took up its permanent position on this spot less than hundred years ago. Ever since that time, both the extraordinary nature of the event having called forth the admiring wonder of the neighbouring people and the fame of the miracles wrought in this sanctuary having spread far and wide, this Holy House, whose walls do not rest on any foundation and yet remain solid and uninjured after so many centuries, has been held in reverence by all nations." That the traditions thus boldly proclaimed to the world have been fully sanctioned by the Holy See cannot for a moment remain in doubt. More than forty-seven popes have in various ways rendered honour to the shrine, and an immense number of Bulls and Briefs proclaim without qualification the identity of the Santa Casa di Loreto with the Holy House of Nazareth.

"The happy House of Nazareth is justly regarded and honoured as one of the most sacred monuments of the Christian Faith; and this is made clear by the many diplomas and acts, gifts and privileges accorded by Our predecessors. No sooner was it, as the annals of the Church bear witness, miraculously translated to Italy and exposed to the veneration of the faithful on the hills of Loreto than it drew to itself the fervent devotion and pious aspiration of all, and as the ages rolled on, it maintained this devotion ever ardent." - Bishop Ferron, 1312 AD

Given my assignment
I carry out with ease
My only fulfillment
Is to serve and to please
Running in the darkness
My soul’s unmerciful kin
Slipping between the shadows
Silent as death’s twin
Stealthily in the blackness
I bring you your last night
Cautiously I stalk you
Bent on not taking flight
Breathing softly
So as to not make a sound
If you tried to see me
I would never be found
I crouch right behind you
My weapon poised and ready
I carefully aim my strike
And hold my instrument steady
My dagger slices into your flesh
As you let out a breathless scream
A horrible nightmare made real
In this never ending dream
They’ll never find who did it
This clever sneak attack
With my dagger planted firmly
In the middle of your back


Family Members: Azriel, Neria, and Pazriel
Birth Order: (Triplets) Eldest Azriel, Middle Neria, Youngest Pazriel
Age: (Appear to be around 18 years old)
Noticable Features: Pure White hair, strange eye colors.
Order Name:

Azriel Loreto, the First Born
Quote :
The Loreto Family Dimitr12
Character Info:
Character Description:
Trained In:
Hunter Power:

Neria Loreto, the Second Born
Quote :
The Loreto Family Lilian10
Character Info:
Character Description:
Trained In:
Hunter Power:

Pazriel Loreto, the Third Born
Quote :
The Loreto Family Glowy_10
Character Info:
Character Description:
Trained In: Stealth, Education, Strategy
Hunter Power: Science


Growls in Blood, Rank 2 Silverfang Ahroun. (Main)
Pazriel Loreto, Youngest of the Triplets
Makeo the Faceless, Capadocian Grave Digger
William Darkscar, Neonate Tzimisce

-DM Engineer
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The Loreto Family
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