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 Life and Death of a crazy-ass Nord

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Life and Death of a crazy-ass Nord Empty
PostSubject: Life and Death of a crazy-ass Nord   Life and Death of a crazy-ass Nord I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 7:45 pm

Ingvar stomped into the Sept, his face flushed and spittle along his lips as he walked to the Sept Alpha, Touched-by-Luna and begain his rant.
"I have had enough of this molly coddling of cubs and garou." His voice echoing through the sept causing all there to turn to the two. "I have seen them roam about with their head's up their arse's and chasing their tails. Whining and crying like new born cub's not having a plan or focus. I seens Fangs walking about thinking they own all and yet do not know the first thing of being a alpha or leader. And I hear of the attacks on kin as well as Garou alike and still you seek to have us wait." He pauses a moment looking into her eyes with a defiance that can be felt through the area. The Alpha knowing it is wiser to let the Fenrir vent then to try and talk him down just stands and listens.
*Fine, but now since I have not seemed to have done much then to bring so much shame and violance to all I will take the fight to where it need go. I will not allow the assault on the only one I respect on this forsaken island to go touched by the wrym and not know there are some garou who are not pompus ass's who seek to sit and brag on how blue their blood is.* He turns and walks to Falls-Sideways, who seems to get a little pale at his approche. *I need speak with a spirit, there is things that need done and I ask you to help me, help me at least do something that is worthy of being what I am.* Falls-Sideways looks closley at him and nods as they head int the Heart of the Sept.
After Ingvar speaks to her about what he wishes she seems to pale, but nods and agree's and summons a Falcon spirit. Ingvar has perpared for this and awaits to see if the Rite Master can cogal the spirit to come and speak. After a few minutes the spirit arrvies and begins to speak with Falls, Ignvar watches and listens to their strange speech, his body shaking as he feels his long forced in rage growing stronger. Falls, turns to him and says the spirit will listen to him and if it thinks what he ask's can be done, it will do so. To speak to it I will grant you the tempory gift and then leave you two alone as requested. She speaks some words and lightly touches his cheek, her touch is warm, soft and Ingvar feels his rage slack just a bit. He looks down at the Rite Master and see's a tear slip from her eye as she turns and heads out.
Turning to the spirit he pulls from a large sack and dumps a dozen live rat's and lays them before the bird-spirit. The spirit looks from them back to the garou and then lands upon his shoulder tilting it's head toward his face as if waiting for him to speak.
*I am Ingvar, Homid born of the Fenrir, I have caused much trouble for your tribe and other with my ways. They do not understand me nor what I have attempted to do. If this was any other place i would care less for they would be deemed unwoirthy in my eye's. But, only one has shown me she has the true way of garou and she is a kin of your tribe. It took much insulting for the arse of a ahroun to get it through his thick skull, but it seem's he know has a small clue. But, now, this darknes upon this island grows and garou sit and wait. If i could i would form a pack and then show all how a ahroun and alpha fight. This will not happen. The Dancer's are here and have attacked not only garou, but our kin as well as the humans. I have made my choice, foolish as it may be, but at least i will be true to myself, tribe and breed. All I ask, is that if I fall, you take this hammer to the kin, let her know that I did what my kind need do and that...I...*he pauses a moment* I...wish things had been different. I wish the breast plate which I made to be given to the lupis known as Growls-In-Blood, tell him it was not hatered that guided me but the need to show that words are only words it is actions and deeds that will save all.*
He stops and looks down at the finely crafted hammer in his right hand and reaches out and touches it almost caressing it. He brings it to his lips and kisses it mumbling a name. He looks into the sprits eye and see a glimmer of knowledge as it nods and flys down, grabbing the rats and then flying/fading back into the Umbra. He turns and walks from the room, the sept and heads head long to find his true battle.

A few days later a head with writing raked into it's flesh was found impales on a pike at the location where the blonde female kinfolk had run too.
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Life and Death of a crazy-ass Nord
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