Omen Eclispe- a world of fantasy, horror, and intrigue. A place set in the Dark Ages a time of death, struggle and riches. A place where not everything is what it seems and the night takes on a life of its own.
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 October Moon

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PostSubject: October Moon   Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:47 pm

The town of Omen moved about almost normally as the full moon got near. The bit in the chill air only slightly taking people by surprise. But with so many new arrivals not enough people new of the need to be fearful of this coming month.

The animals of the island felt the unease though. They becoming mad and disobeying their masters.

Cloaked figures could be seen every now and then moving about town. Like ghosts and shadows in the failing light.

Rumors of the prophecy of the two children coming began to spread more like wild fire. The further understanding that no child has ever been born upon the island since the darkness came alive adds all the more to it.

Those in the tunnels can hear screams on rare happenings. They are the screams of a woman.

In other places a woman sits her large stomach shifting as she tries to rest. A man sits with her on top of him seeming to try and comfort her through these large amounts of pain which wreck through her body. Visions dance in her mind of another woman who has no one to help her but her own screams play in her mind. It is easy to tell the time is coming for them both... But whether or not they will live through the births seems doubtful.

// there will be an event tonight... Approximately 10pmish EST... All are welcome to come. But be aware that this will be a server changing event... as well as dangerous on so many levels more normal.
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PostSubject: Re: October Moon   Wed Jan 04, 2012 5:17 pm

// and Wont be able to be there >_<' damn classes
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PostSubject: Re: October Moon   Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:00 pm

// Will probably be able to show up. Might not be able to stay past midnight though!
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PostSubject: Re: October Moon   

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October Moon
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