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 Understanding the special Character Request

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Understanding the special Character Request Empty
PostSubject: Understanding the special Character Request   Understanding the special Character Request I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 06, 2012 3:06 pm

SCC (Special Character Concept) Requirements
-Good Understanding of the Rules for WoD
-Good Understanding of the Clan/Tribe/Race the character is from
-A complete list of references for where you fit into WoD.
-Proven Role-playing ability on the server/forums
-DMs hold the right to refuse any application(s) submitted and we will give reasons why
-SCC are on a case by case basis.

OOC: Defined by anything that your character doesn't know that you might, or conversations between players and staff that takes place.

IC: Defined by in character actions, things your character would know, and acting as your character should.

Requests for SCCs are PURELY OOC applications, it is alright to tell us what they will know in character, but understand this is so that we have an idea of what the character will be like and doesn't necessarily need to be a background for the character, which should be submitted once the character is approved in the character bio's section of the forums.
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Understanding the special Character Request
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