Omen Eclispe- a world of fantasy, horror, and intrigue. A place set in the Dark Ages a time of death, struggle and riches. A place where not everything is what it seems and the night takes on a life of its own.
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 Aeronis "Hawkeye Scout" Sillidan

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PostSubject: Aeronis "Hawkeye Scout" Sillidan   Aeronis "Hawkeye Scout" Sillidan I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 09, 2012 6:54 am

Aeronis Sillidan

Occupation: Hunter, Artillery
Affiliations: Partially with Garou and Vampires until the Great Darkness has left.
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 164 lbs
Age: Appears to still be youthful.

A man whom has a tendency to have a calm collective state of mind, and only pushes back when pushed. While socializing, he is spent cracking Half-assed jokes and ideas either trying to lighten up the tense night or to be sarcastic to an obvious occurrence.

History: Spending time from his prepubescent years training under his Old Man whom vowed to avenge his wife who had fell to a Band of Miscreant Vampires who harbored far North in the woods. He trained his young Aeronis the skills he had of a Hunter from tasks of imbuing materials onto arrows to make them explode, and a secret of his line of family his trademark of his Death Arrow to take the breath from any Man or Beast but to only use it when needed in a dire time, because without complete faith in it and using it for greed, the arrow would take his own. As his Old Man had became fell ill on his death bed, his final words were of enlightenment and to always to take in all of your surroundings. Frustrated but at the same time he knew it would be a dishonor to mourne for him, he had packed up all of his supplies in order to complete his father's final wishes of his vow.

He arrived to the quiet Town of Omen by mere accident when he had set foot his first set into the woods. With haste he had started moving quicker and quicker, hopping over vines and ducking over branches until fog obscured his vision. He stopped with the inability to see, and he started wondering if it was a mistake until he flashed back into his memory of his childhood and training. With nothing but the tools he had, the bow strapped to his back, his father's words, and his faith. He kept running forward with no doubt he would make it. Suddenly as the last time blinked, he opened them and he was out of the fog with a cloaked man waiting for him... Razim. Greeting him with riddles, Aeronis looked confused trying to keep a recollection why he left. A dark time has fell over this town, maybe staying here for awhile wouldn't hurt.

There he stands, in the shadows. Listening to the drunken folk, keeping his eyes on everyone he meets and watching from afar of whom can change their anatomy to vile and unholy creatures. He knows more then he lets on, following those who've no acknowledgement and finding the home of Garou and Vampires by mere waiting and watching. Ease dropping. As much as his skills of his innate ability of combat leaves some in awe using his bow as a living extension of himself, his most prized skills are that of being able to see things that most can't. He questions, if he is actually the only Hunter-Human left in the Town of Omen sometimes.

Combative Style; As he favors the use of his bow, his lineage was more famed of their abilities to use their surroundings and high endurance of agility. Their ability for Hit and Run from their amazing speed, Stealth, and Keen Sight to see farther then ordinary humans in order to make their Archery Skills Deadly making up for their lack of strength. They've also dabbled into Magic creating their own Arrows, and Bows. There's no target he can't hit, even if it's invisible. His lineage only sought Faith and their own abilities to fight, making ordinary weapons into the most deadliest weapons.
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Aeronis "Hawkeye Scout" Sillidan
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