Omen Eclispe- a world of fantasy, horror, and intrigue. A place set in the Dark Ages a time of death, struggle and riches. A place where not everything is what it seems and the night takes on a life of its own.
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 Death and the Mistake.

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Death and the Mistake. Empty
PostSubject: Death and the Mistake.   Death and the Mistake. I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 11, 2012 9:48 pm

The young dark haired woman wandered about. Her vials on her belt slightly jingling, her hips swaying with each step. She followed the man home, easily enough. He luckily did not lose an eye from her earlier actions. Well luckily for him at least.

She stood outside the house at the far end of town and waited several minutes. She was certain if her heart still beat it would be racing in her chest right now. She did not really want to go and do this. But it seemed some form of learning from her Sire. So she tried to force down every emotion about the possibilities that this man had a family to focus on what needed to be done.

Moving up to the door she knocked three times stepping off to the side waiting for the man to open the door. Soon her answer was gotten on to whether where he had a family. An older woman opened the door her eye sight was clearly bad as even at close proximity she should have seen her but did not. Turning from the door the older woman called it was no one. That was when she slipped into the house.

Slowly waiting and biding her time she stood in the dark waiting for the right time. It was when they fell asleep that she moved. Slowly at first she moved to the guard taking her rope she tied him so that she could drop him in the chair binding him to it. Next was the old woman and the woman whom it seemed was his wife. For them they were bound and gagged to tables she found within the house.

She saw no one else in the house and she looked at the frightened man her lips curled into a snarl. It took the man only a few moments to release who was on tables in front of him.

“You thought to buy me when you have these two at home!?” The girl snarled. Which for even being so young made the man shutter. “ Which one, gets to die first?”

“NO NO take me instead!” The man begged.

“ No one of them will die. Which one!” She perched looking between the two now very wided eyed women.

“Do not make me choose I can not choose between my mother and wife!” The girl looked between them her eyes glowing a bright green the ritual make up upon her face seeming to light a glow of a different hue.

The tears rolled down their faces. She showed them an interestingly curved dagger. “Wife it is then.”

With that she took the dagger and cut into the delicate flesh at the solar plexes and gave a sharp jerk. The sound of bone cracking could be heard, the woman screamed into her gag as her breast bone split in two. The dagger was pulled up along the chest cleaving the woman open with both hands then the girl used her hands to force apart the rib cage. She watched with a morbid fascination as the heart beat franticly as the woman pulled at her binds. The smell of blood hit the girl, her young blood screamed to be fed, her beast raddled its cage clawing for the blood it could smell. But she shifting her gaze no longer breathing as she regained control of herself just barely. She watched as the body began shutting down from its blood loss, slowly then the heart’s beat grew more and more strained. There was a bubbling gurgling sound from her throat. Then when blood was seeping out of the corners of her mouth the heart stopped.

The man watched with horror as the teenage girl seem to watch as everything shut down over several minutes. Then looked at the man she gave him a fanged grin as she saw his look of horror at his wives death.

Turning she stroked the older woman’s face then turned her head slightly, in a flash her fangs were buried deep within her neck the blood was rushing into the young girl’s mouth in large gulps of the blood. The woman all the while screamed as if she was being tortured worse than the wife was. Finally she silenced and the girl looked up at the man her face bloodied her grin now read with the blood of his mother.

She moved towards the man. Her sway in her hips again. Slowly she held her hand out the dark energies flowed in her easily right now. She released the energy into the man him bursting into flames with a scream. After what seemed like forever to her mind he went silent.

“Daddy Daddy, What is the matter? “ There was a small voice behind her. The unexpected voice caused her to jump in instinctive reaction she launched her spell into the boy. The young body falling over dead.

Her eyes went wide with horror. She felt around as she had when they were under the city looking for the soul she was sure still lingered about. She reached for her bag pulling out the first stone she could find a green stone slicing her palm she pulled the dark energies out to wrap around the soul pulling it back into her hand which held the blood soaked green stone.

Looking at the stone, a blood tear fell. Before she fled the scene cloaked in her magics.
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Death and the Mistake. Empty
PostSubject: Death and the Mistake   Death and the Mistake. I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 11, 2012 10:06 pm

After having watched his childe's work he steps from the shadows after she leaves and begins to clean up her work. "So sloppy, I distinctly instructed her to animate their corpses, all these bodies will draw attention to her..." He moves over to the corpses and begins to pile them into a large pile in the center of the room... slowly he pulls forth his gourd and pours the embalming fluid over them. He stands back and begins to chant, blue flames leaving from his outstretched skeletal hands reach out like claws to take hold of the corpses. The words of power echo slightly throughout the room and the bodies lift themselves up... animated into zombies dressed in their normal clothes.

Makeo makes his way around the house and finds a set of new clothes for his fresh minions and proceeds to dress them in them, he makes it look as though they are completely undamaged and wraps them up in hoods to hide their faces. He then collects several of their belongings and puts them into sacks handing them to his walking corpses, which now appear to be carrying their belongings. "Leave town by the north gate and head to the docks, when you get there climb aboard one of the burning ships and stay there." he commands them and then fades back into the shadows... following his now commanded minions to ensure they appear to be doing nothing more then going on a trip to all onlookers.
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Death and the Mistake.
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