Omen Eclispe- a world of fantasy, horror, and intrigue. A place set in the Dark Ages a time of death, struggle and riches. A place where not everything is what it seems and the night takes on a life of its own.
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 One known by many names

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PostSubject: One known by many names   One known by many names I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 12, 2012 1:30 am

Name: Has been called Lilith, Alexi, and Xandra
Age: 15
Clan: Capadocian???
Sire: Makeo
Generation: Unknown
Flaws: Grip of the Damned
Merits: Animal Magnetism, Medium
Disciplines: Auspex 3, Fortitude 3, Mortis (Bone Path 2), Celerity 1, Potence 1
Humanity: 3

One known by many names Vampir10


This young woman seems as if she is just coming of age, 15 to 17 at best. She is highly attractive. Yet there is a certain air about her that is unnerving. Upon her belt there are small vials tied the contents of which can not be seen. The adornments upon her person are strange as they seem to be made out of finery like gold or silver but have woven to it bones, of unknown origins.

Her hair is black as night her skin is tanned it is easy to tell she came from a place which sees sun often. Her eyes are green and along them is black liner or paint making tribal or ancient designs. Her body lean and sleek.

At times when you look at her you would almost swear her green eyes have a glowing aura about them.


Egypt 1325

A family of 6 sons welcomed the newest member to them. Her bronze skin and green eyes where breath taking even at her birth. But her family was simple in ways but twisted in function. Her family sold slaves to those of higher station than they. They worked for a wealthy lord of Egypt gathering the slaves for training then selling off at market for him those that he did not wish to keep. It was here that her first years were gained.

First Memory

One known by many names Dancing_Incantation_by_felina222

One day her oldest brother brought home a woman. This image of a woman painted in blood runes and symbols was burned into the young 4 year old mind. She was pulled away from her curiosity about the woman who muttered a strange language.

It was when the screaming started that she awoke with a start. She tip toed through the building they lived in and there upon the table she ate on daily she saw her father, to each of the chairs was each of her brothers and her mother all bound. Wounds grievously etched into their flesh.

“TELL ME Where she is?!?” The woman standing among them stood with what seemed nearly no shame as her form was nearly naked and painted along her body through were runs in blood. Each blood rune glowed its own hue, the woman’s hair flowed over her looking like a torrent of blood down her back. The child was almost enchanted, until she heard the scream.

Her eyes focused on her oldest brother who now had a deep slash across his chest. Above him dripped a blade which seemed to be forged out of pure copper. As she started to bring down the blade the blow looking like it was to be the final killing blow the child screamed.

The woman stopped just short of his neck. Turning she saw the child running up to them.

“Please do not kill my family!” She was grabbed by a young girl she had never seen stopping her movement. Even though she flailed and struggled she was held tight to, yet the hold was gentle.

The woman moved to the child and stroked her cheek. The sounds of protest at the woman’s new interest echoed back to her ears but she seemed not to care as her almond colored eyes met green.

“Your family stole a member of mine. Alcyon, I plan to get her back.” The woman’s voice was soft and smooth as honey.

“I know where she is!” The girl cried. “Just do not kill them, Ok?”

“You show me where she is and I will … consider it.” Her fingers played with ebony black hair as the girl nodded to the red haired woman.

She led the woman to a panel in the floor using a simple dagger she shifted the panel enough that it could be lifted on its hinges. The opening revealing a stair case which lead to a room filled with cages and other instruments. The child glided through the room, moving to the back motioning to the girl who was brought back that had been so enchanting.

The woman pricked her finger with the dagger she held speaking words it the child saw the energies building around her before those energies launched into the lock blowing half the door away. When they greeted one another it was with a baited welcome, there seemed to be something more and greater that was left unspoken.

The woman turned to the child. “Child have you ever thought of dancing naked under the moon, and offering the gods your life? I can teach you things give you power you can only dream of if you walk with us. Say you will my enchanting Emerald.”

The girl looked at them, and so enchanted by them she nodded. She did not fully understand what she was nodding to but it sounded like it would be a nice thing to learn, and now that her family was safe she was sure they could learn it.

They all moved upstairs. The woman who had yet to be named moved over to her mother and father. There was a swift motion and there upon the floor their blood flowed. The two young girls grabbed the child who was screaming and clawing at them to get to her parents to no avail. Though her next horror to behold was that which brought a swift end to her oldest brother.

Slowly the woman gathered their bloods in a vial and moved to face the child dipping her thumb in the blood she place three runes upon her face.

“As your family took from me I have taken from them. You will now dance with us in the bloodied moon light.” She looked back at her remaining 5 bothers. “She is mine. I do not kill children for it is with them that scared blood of man flows, your life is spared by this fact. But your debt will be paid in full only with this one coming with me.”

The boys looked at the girl who was still screaming and crying, before nodding. Their looks saying that they would agree to anything that saved their own lives.

“Good then.” The woman turned to the frantic child, a warm and welcoming smile upon her face. Raising her hand she passed it over her face going from her forehead to her chin a single word spoken. “Sleep”

The next nights are hazy. Their was blood and music hypnotic, there in a circle around her where candles that floated. She was held in the arms of one naked she could feel the paintings on her flesh though her body would not respond as she hung limply about her, danced the woman with the blood hair, the energies she saw before flowing up and around her.

One known by many names Rituals_by_patslash

The child grew, and as she did she learned. She learned to read and write ancient symbols. Her body learned the movements of the dance. Her sisters all helped her along. She was trained in the art of fertility and sexuality. Though, she herself, was being trained to never give into such whims.

Her body leaned the moves easily. Her mind grasped the rituals, she practiced the blood runes of her people. First with brushes to learn every curve and dip in them. Then she moves on to working them with her finger or thumb.

It was in this time that her power, her true power gained notice. For the first time at the age of 10 she was finally granted a vial with blood in it. Human blood, taking from those whom committed wrongs against the order she followed. Meditating on the blood infusing it with her own energies cleaning it of the touch of any others she prepared it, for workings.

When finally she drew the runes upon her hands in the blood then pricking the tips of her fingers with the copper dagger, her own blood flowing. The others watched as she gathered the energies. The words she spoke were soft but each influx of her words caused the glowing to increase. Finally when she shot out her hand, the arrow leapt from it. Shock and surprised exclamations echoed in the group who was learning.

Her instructor the once young girl from her childhood watched in surprise seeing the actual product of the spell going off. They had seen so very few able to produce a rituals result before the age of 13.

The girl now collapsed to the ground. The energies she expended having drained her completely for the time.

And her learning continued….

One known by many names Dark_rituals_by_eldeago-d3bkabg

The 14th season of her birth… Those of her sisters whom she had trained with all her life looked on at her with hatred that she had passed them up. While their powers were just starting to form, hers where fully developed. Today was the day she would get to drink from the blood of the gods.

Today she would be gifted with the powers to fuel her magical energies, with the gods own strengths.

The mistress of her order prepared the circle. Each ran their hands upon the dagger and entered into the circle. Going to a table marked with a chalice which each had their own marks upon them they allowed their blood to flow into the cup. Then left to kneel in circles made of the blood marking each corner with a scared rune.

The mistress went to the oldest of them first. She spoke the scared words the cup glowed and the mistress kneeled in an age old circle on the stone. One by one the ritual was repeated.

She walked up to the circle and took the chalice sipping from of the blood. She felt this fire light inside her. It was like every fiber of her being was being infused with the god’s energy.

But this was only the beginning. She would have until her 20th year to complete the rest. She would have to gain the fur and blood of the white wolf. The animal viewed as something pure and powerful to her people. But it still stood, no children wolves could be killed on her journey, no children could be killed at all. For it was the Mistress, whom, got to choose which children where for use in their rituals, not for any other. Children were scared to the order it did not matter what life they took on animal or human.

Upon the boat they went. To the northern lands. It was cold there. But finally the white wolf was found. The fur and blood collected. Then finally the returning trip home. Finally they would be full members of their order, in but a few months time.

Then the dark inky blackness. The ship crashed. Her sisters lost at sea as she was pulled in the undertoe of the waves. Washing on shore she coughed the water out. Looking upon the water she could see no debris nothing no sign that she had been on a ship which crashed at all. The man whom greeted her, strange and errie, but she took his advice and headed to town.

She was able to replace her white wolf blood and fur. When one seemed to take to following her.

But the man she met… Soiled it, spilling it upon the table in the inn. It took every inch of restrant to not want to kill this one for doing that he did. But he interested her. Talking of the gods she followed telling her of a way to bring one about.

So she did… The bandits where easy enough to kill. Her body painted in their blood. First what appeared was a translucent being of white. The words it spoke she could not hear… Then the one of bone, this one spoke. Then finally the visage became that of the man she knew… The one who got her into this mess.

Yet he offered the purest blood of the gods. As well as their gifts. She could not say no. She remembered a flash of pain and falling. In the haze of her mind she felt pain worse and horrible than anything she could imagine. The world started going dark. She could see things there faint ghostly images them welcoming her calling her to them. She could feel herself slipping away into an inky blackness. Then the taste of something pure on her tongue. The images cried as she was pulled from their light. The only thing she could feel then was the intense taste of the burning blood on her tongue, the feeling of the beast with in her clawing for more. Then the source was gone…
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One known by many names
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