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 Dead by Dawn

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// Warning this post is not for the faint of heart or those that get easily offended. If you are one of them… please do not read!

Dead by Dawn Angel_Of_Death_by_SeanD1986

The girl walked through town. The guards here already earned her wrath so she went to them first. Talking politely to him she gathered his name, Hamlin. Good enough she thought. Drawing her weapon she slashed into the man, who had grabbed her rear. All the guards were all the same looking for arse any way they could get it. Sadly he was not as dumb as he looked and dodged out of the way just before she hit him with it. The fight ensued.

Finally she dealt the final blow. This was easy …. She secretly wondered why this task was given.

He walked by then. The polite talking, then the blow. FULL NAME!... WHAT… She looked at the sky there was very little time to complete this. Thus the easy targets were going to be used. The ones whom she knew liked ogling her body.

She tried the half moon tavern. She got the attention she wanted. More hand groping than she had ever imagined she would have. When she asked for names she got names like Sly Hand, and Three-Fingered Willy. Finally when the touching became too much she punched Marco One-Eye in his one eye his head jerking back in a dangerous fashion mistakenly snapping his neck when his hand went to nether regions she sought not to remember. The attack was swift upon her for killing one of them. Talking was over then she began to hit them. There was no dying for these fool they instantly died. She certainly was not managing her own strength.

Moving along she moved to the temple in the graveyard. She forced down the panic that had risen up as she had wasted almost two hours in the half-moon tavern, she put on her pretty face and began to move in her seductive sway as she moved through the temple talking to people to get their names.

Her anger and rage was building. She had no plans to meet the rising dawn. One by one she got half names of the temples guardians, Corc, Chab, Cronva, Blan, and Brait. Finally tired of the peons who seemed to want nothing more than to oogle her like the others she moved below to the other.s

Her entrance into the room sparked such an angry reaction. The men flocked to her but not because they wanted to sleep with her, but because she walked in on some ritual they were doing. Slowly one by one she took them down then finally when there was one lift she took a sample of the blood with in her vials and mixed it with her own blood. “Stop!” Her voice was a command the energies shot out from her hand wrapping around him locking him in place, where he stood.

She stripped the man, before grabbing the man she moved him to the raised dias and pulled out a series of copper daggers.

“Listen we can do this easy or hard. But I want information from you. If you lie… I will know if you don’t lie this ends for you.” The man looked at her anger in his eyes as he spit into her face.

“Fine then… Hard….” She pulled out a copper dagger and she rammed the dagger into the man’s lower leg. He let out a scream which echoed in the caves beyond. Then without another care she grabbed another one and slammed it into his other leg leaving him now locked in place. Grabbing his hand she spread him out so he was splayed across the ground, then did the same to the other. Whether she heard the screams or pleas from the man she made no notice of it.

“Now then, Your name.” She looked at him coldly.

“Crazy Bitch!” Her head tilted before she pounced down on him and bit into his upper arm. The pain she invoked with the bite forced the man to scream just as badly as when the daggers were plunged into him. The girl drank down greedily a few gulps of his blood, before sitting up looking at him again.

“Name” The word was spoken so simply and plan.

“Fine! Fine! Mal.” The man shuttered the pain he was experiencing was clearly new to him.

“Good that is a start… What is Mal short for? I want your Full Name?” She looked at him and gave him an enchanting smile.

“Why you going to bury me you whore?” The girls eyes flashed angry before she pulled a small golden wire appearing from her arm bands.

“Whore…” She took the wire and she looked down at his nether regions and began to wrap the wire around his parts until he was screaming and bleeding from them.

“MALLY MALLY STOP STOP!” The girl looked at him her lips curled to reveal a fanged snarl at him.

“All of it! Middle and LAST TIME! I HAVE NOT TIME TO PLAY WITH YOU!..” She took another dagger in each hand and jabbed into his feet the sound to her ears was that of metal hitting bone. With a quick jerk she sliced open his feet revealing the bones beneath the tissues. She sat mildly fascinated with the workings of his feet as he jerked again.

“No More NO More!” The man had tears streaming down his face now.

“Name” She still stared as his feet as the muscles jerked.

“Mally Mezu… Please Let me Go…” The girl turned to him and put on another one of those enchanting smiles.

“Mally Mezu… DO you have a middle name?” Her head tilted her voice sounded strangely distracted or detached.

“ I… “ The man stammered. He instantly knew that stammering was bad because her hand moved again and a flash of copper was seen before the dagger in her hand met with his breast bone and she began to cut the man open in a Y cut.

After a moment when she stopped, the man panted to her his chest heaving. The cut in it made the flesh meet strangely in eye catching thing for her.

“Jean… ok Jean… My Name is Mally Jean Mezu… Now please let me go…” The girl smiled at him again.

“I will do not worry. But first… How many people have you killed in your rituals down here?” Her eyes glowed green the markings on her face shimmered.

“I.. am not sure maybe… 60…” She moved her hands to his for head. She etched a carving into his flesh as she muttered some old prayer like sounding words. She then took the dagger and put it in the flame and burned the flesh with the symbol before taking a vial of salt and rubbing it into the wound.

He screamed again as his head was wounded. And branded the mark on his forhead marking him a rapist.

“Your suffering will end today. And those you have violated will end as well… You should really have choosen a better life… and Now the souls of those you took here will get to see your end.” With that she finished her cut into the man slicing away the flesh and muscle the man screaming and failing about.

Finally the mans torso was open. He still flailed about, though his insides came out leaving his entrails spread around him. She shrugged if the vail man was set on putting his insides out she would help move them for him.

She watched with her enhanced vision as his body went into shock. The man gasped for breath. The diapham was moving in this manner which was hypnotic. Forcing her eyes away she watched from between his legs looking up into the body watching his face contort this way and that as he bled out.

Slowly his skin paled underneath the red. His breathing became labored. He began to mutter prayers to god, his mother, her, and any one whom he seemed to think to answer his plea to let him live though this. Then with a final shutter he went still. There was not even much of an utterance of a final breath from him. Just a limp body and blood scattered about.
She fondled a stone as he died. She cursed loudly kicking the entrails, into the wall across from her.
“He died to late… The sun has came up…” Her head turned hearing voices and battles from the caves. It seemed as if she would not be alone long. She would not break another law of being caught.

She marked herself with the blood rune muttering the words to cloak herself in the shadows. Watching she saw two men in silver armor enter. When they were far enough away from the door she slipped out. Finding a simple spot to watch them, she was able to see when they left an hour later with the body in hand. Laying back against a pile of cloth she closed her eyes after they were gone thinking.
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Dead by Dawn
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