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 Lucius Vernius The Son of Hades

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Lucius Vernius The Son of Hades Legion_by_RedQueen2112

Lucius Verinus Was born in the year 1318 in Rome. He was descendant from a long line of great Centurions.
When he turned of age he followed in his families foot steps. His commission to the 13th Legion took him to wars all over the world, from Egypt to Gaul. On one such campaign he was away from home for seven years. When he returned home he was greeted by his wife and two daughters and his wife carried a newborn son. Verinus went mad with rage and threatened to kill the bastard and his father. His wife seeing the hate in his eyes secreted the children away and one night before Verinus returned from his daily duties, she slit her wrists in the common room of the house. Verinus was consumed by his grief and rage at loosing the women he loved went to ask his commanding officer for an immediate re-posting. After hearing the story his officer agreed to send him with the rest of the 13th to Gaul.
Gaul was to unwittingly be his final campaign with the 13th. On the eve of battle the Gauls launched a surprise attack. The fighting was was gruesome all along the front. Verinus held his ground until confronted by a commander of the enemy. The encounter was one sided in the favor of the Gaul. Verinus was wounded beyond recognition and fell as the archers of the 13th opened up and brought the Gaul down on top of him. As Verinus lay there dying under the pile of bodies the blood of the Gaul commander seeps into his mouth.
He awoke the next night, under the pile of bodies. With new found he easily tossed the bodies aside and rose to find the masquerade over and the legions in disarray. On his miraculous return to the camp that evening, he immediately went to report to his commanding officer. During his debriefing his officer informed him that he had received reports to indicate that Centurion Verinus had been slain by the Gaul commander. Furthermore that had it not been for Verinus the battle would have been lost.
He relished his acclaim and new found abilities. During the next few weeks he began to here rumors among the Legion that a Centurion who fought like the son of Hades himself defeated the Gauls. Verinus grew accustom to the title and eventual stopped correcting people when addressed as such. His officers seeing this as a boost to morale actually encouraged this.
The resistance from the Gauls continued to be fierce as the campaign wore on. One such battle Verinus saw a man who looked exactly like the commander he had fought. He chased the Gaul clear across the battlefield until he was well behind enemy lines. There the commander stopped and turned to face him. " I see you have embraced the gift I gave you. Be warned though it comes with some repercussions. For you are now a Brujha vampire. We only bestow this gift to those who show exceptional battle prowess as you did when we first met on the fateful field . You will no longer be able to enjoy a sunrise or the blood coursing through your veins as you once did. My army will continue to attempt to kill you after you return to your lines, for they know only that I wished to parley with you. I ask you to heed my words that there are those who will not understand this gift I have given you and will attempt to use it for themselves or destroy you."
True to the commanders words he was unharassed as he returned to the Roman lines. The battle continued on threw the night until just before dawn the Gauls began to retreat. Verinus seeing this as another victory retired to his tent. There his commanders informed him that he was requested in Rome to receive accommodations for his bravery on the front lines.
On the journey home his boat was caught in a storm as none had ever seen before.
His vessel was wreaked oh the rocks of an island and he was tossed into the water. again he awoke to find himself alive and alone. Now he walks this land bearing a new set of colors in an attempt to emulate Hades himself.

Lucius Vernius The Son of Hades Ares2
Apparent Age: 26

Clan: Brujah

Nature: Soldier
Demeanor: Survivor

Morality: Humanity 2

Self control:3

Diciplines: Potence 4
Celerity 1
Presence 1
Fortitude 2


(work in progress)

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Lucius Vernius The Son of Hades
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