Omen Eclispe- a world of fantasy, horror, and intrigue. A place set in the Dark Ages a time of death, struggle and riches. A place where not everything is what it seems and the night takes on a life of its own.
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 Dances in Darkness

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Dances in Darkness

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* Having been born of the union of a Red Talon, and a Fenris. Dances in the Darkness.... grew alone deformed and hidden from others.... its first meal was lapping up the blood left from the bloody scene of its parents murder, or self sacrifice.... Dances in Darkness first changed at only a few days old, he aged quicker than most as the taint of the Wyrm mark from his mother left him tainted as well.... the strength of his father ran through his core as does the insatiable rage from within. for weeks did Dances in Darkness feed off the blood pool, and the he scavenged from the bear corpses then he ate the scraps from around as his teethe came in far faster than any of his kind.... fangs long and strong sprouted from the cubs lupis formed mouth... the taint of the beast leaving his fur matted and patchy. Bald spots and a bony tail as well as curled ears that also lacked fur...... they loped down hanging beside his head not perking at sound nor hearing a sound. His eyes milky and lackign color.... a heavy weave began to develop. Though sightless and lacking very good hearing... his deformities glare in light of the strengths of his parents..... Where his father had strength of heart, and his mother strength of spirit.... Dances in Darkness has only strength in himself.... enough to live through the pain.... he has dreams of a maelstrom dark and swirling about lashing him with windy buffets of air. He hears a voice in the dreams*

" You were brought into this world in violence, I offer you a way to regain sight, hearing and to develop honor .... Though your kin will never abide the sight of you nor will they claim you... I offer you a spot in my service... I offer you power and strength your frame will not offer you... I offer you to have a parent in this world. What say you then cub? "

Dances in Darkness would pace back and forth in his dream on a cloud that grew ever darker as he thought... rage would well up at being abandoned... rage at hearing the tale of his parents death... rage at leeches... rage at men folk to weak to avoid seeking power for themselves... rage AT THE WORLD! As his father he took on the hatred of mankind of the Red Talon.. as for what his mother gave him she opened up the world of the spirits, and the Wyrm... also through her blood she opened up the link to the mystical arts... Dances in Darkness accepted the hand of the otherworldly Maelstrom, and began to learn through dreams of the power he could wield, of the stregth he could weild if he served the Air elemental... the one that would have had his mother as a sacrifice... through the Wyrm beast did Dances with Darkness learn and grow for a year in the cave feeding off any bear and man thing daring enough to venture to the wilds.

" Yes.... I will follow you then my new Master..... I will serve you, I will lead those of the land to a fallen place.... As they allowed my parents to die... I will send them all to meet them, if in their death throws they aid your cause... then so be it."

With that Dances in Darkness would awake.... he was but a cub when he fell to sleep... now he had aged and grow a bit stronger with that... he is 8 years by reckoning yet only 8 months by time..... This being the aid the Wyrm markings have given him.... tattooes of silver and red spiral marking of the Maelstrom that sponsored and tutors Dances in Drakness. The tattooes glow eerily in the darkness of the moon but fade as light shines on them. As a metis born Garou Dances has more than a few deformities that mark him as such.


Hard of hearing
in any form offering a tail his tail is a bony whip like homid form he has a protruding tail that is short and easily hidden with a cloak.

Original Tribe-

Father Lupis Red Talon
Mother Lupis Get of Fenris

He takes on many aspects of both but would fit best as a Red Talon base for his hatred and rage. After making this character had to take Fenrir as Red Talon was not an option.

The tattoes open a link between this world and the Air elemental spirit of Omen... they also grant magical powers his mother had the ability to channel spirit weave... and so too can Dances though his is amplified. Like his father he has rage for man kind, but his rage isnt limited jsut to man kind.

Dances in Darkness sniffs his way around the bear cave all teh blood and meat that was available now gone. Hunger and a animalistic desire to hunt over takes the young pup. Being blind the world of darkness provides no issue. He uses his sense of smell to find his way about. Finally he catches a waft of air from outside the cave its cool moistness tickles his senses, and a smell of a meal in the making wafts in as well. For near by the same pack of wild hogs roamed that his father had hunted for his mother. Out he went having no sense of sight or sound the world is all tactial touch and smell he tries to develop a hunting method on his own having none to teach him. The life of a scavenger isnt what he wished... he was no hyena, he was a wolf... a natural born hunter... though his impairments left him crippled. The flaws of the mating of two Garou striking an ugly visage in Dances in Darkness. He decides stalking is out of the question so he feigns injury and yelps rolling around in the brush whimpering drawing other creatures.... first a wolf then another come close surrounding the prone weak pup... round and round they stalk the pup. Finally the pair come forward and in the instant their fangs bit deep into the pup the trap was sprung.... Up came arm stronger than could have ever been thought possible in one his size.... two small hands with long claws grasp one wolfs head turning hard as bones snap the wolf falls to the ground gurgleing and twitching its final death spasm. Through gritted teeth a feral growl escapes the pup as again his powerful hands grasp the other wolfs upper and lower jaw pulling the mouth open fangs digging deep into his hand and then the tattooes covering Dances body begin to glow as arcane energies flow through the pups body his muscles bulge and then a snapping and terrible tendon tearing bone snapping sound echoes around the woods as yelping and howling slowly turn to a choking gurgle. Rending the pair of wolfs bowls open Dances would feast on his first hunt. Though he was deformed and crippled.... he could still hunt. As a Thuegre he had special powers to begin with. However with the infusion of the tainted Wyrm marking from his mothers blood he could tap into the abyss and draw powers from the realm of the weaver and the wyrm.

This first successful hunt awoke the inner beast within him. Dances began padding around after his feast with his new found awakening he found a way to over come his stature and found the way to form Crinos. Which he did just then. The sense of smell in this shape allowed him to "see" the world around him much better. Though he cut a disgusting form, he looked as if he had mange his fur matted and splotchy bald spots revealing dried cracked skin under his fur coat. His tail that would wave side to side lacking fur or skin looked a mess, was his tail waves the cartilage bones would grind together issueing a disgusting bone gnawing sound. His milky eyes and limp lop ears adding to the appearance. Any Fenrir or Talon were to see him so he would surely have been culled at birth. Fortunately for Dances he was born to the world and spared that fate.

Further out of the woods closer to town he goes now roaming the territory trying to find a place in the world. A scent as if of blood and sweat Dances catches on the wind coming from a stone building on the out skirts of the town.... His whiskers began to rattle warning him of a sound. A scream of torture came from with in the building, not heard by Dances but felt. Dances unknowingly stummbled on the hideout of a group of kidnappers and bandits. But the scent of blood drove him onward... hunger flooded his stomache...

Dances made his way into the buildign and was set upon immediately, one of the bandits seeing him enter the other reacting to his companion they both turn to find a horrible sight a diseased wolf of the land.... Fear invaded the bandits hearts they both throw a table over and reach for spears useing them to hold the disgusting beast at bay. Lack of sight and hearing did not mean he didnt sence the danger, his paws felt the rumble of the table skidding to a stop so he knew the direction the threat was, he sniffs the air of the room... blood scent coming from the distance, a fire in a pit the air sooty and of course fear .... sweet sweet fear from his prey. Round and round Dances stirred not realizeing that his desire to do so had saved him from being skewered by the spears both men wielded then he backed raising the few patches of fur on his back, he would growl a viscious growl as the time to savor the scent ended now the time to sate his hunger was at hand. Dances sprang forward blindly barely clearing the sharp points of the spears he landed sending both ment to their backs.... sniffing again he smelled heavy drink on the man under him judgeing from the breathe he snapped forward lower than the breathe latching onto the throat of the man biteing hard and deep then pulling back ripping his throat. However in that time the other man had sense enough to draw a hunting dagger and stab the foul beast that was Dances in Darkness in the flanks, yelping in pain Dances pounced forward snapping close to the mans face but not hitting its mark. Realizing that the man held something sharp and painful Dances moved back planning to repeat the hunting strategy he had against the wolves in the woods he slumpped to the floor of the building waiting for the sharp tellling pain that would lead him to his target... The bandit sneared at his companion then turned to the wounded beast slowly rising thinking himself to have the upper hand against the diseased beast before him he stalked closer to the beast. Planning to end this beast quickly he grasped the dagger overhand point facing to the flank of the beast, where its heart should have been... down he plunged the dagger but with a speed faster than should have been possible from the beast its head snapped up lips curled back fangs barred they bit deep into the mans forearm. Tugging the man around by the arm rending his flesh blood flowed into Dances gullet the taste was refreshing. Then Dances wanting to end the hunt quickly tore the mans arm downward slamming him to the floor Dances bit his way up the mans arm to the shoulder and found the mans neck finally ending the mans screaming and the thrashing slowed then stopped.

The mans screams alerted the others and Dances was forced to choose to stay and fight the unseen men or take his prize and run. So he snatched the man under him by the nape of the neck and drug him out the door leaving a trail of blood ... once he made it to the coast line the crash of waves and roar of the water hiding the sound of him feasting on man flesh, the waves washing away the trail of blood and foot prints. Any chance of being found long since over hunger sated and his inner rage left a pain in his side turned his attention to himself.... turning his head licking his side he found the dagger still planted in his side. Had he not been so deformed he would have been dead there. His heart was not where a wolves normally is it was lower not protected by his ribs. Biteing hold of the dagger tearing it out he would yelp with pain dropping the blade. Bones snapping and tendons tearing and reshaping a painful process even for a stout Garou the pain amplified by his deformities Dances in Darkness reverted to his homid form. Batter bloodied sleep over took him.

While he slept the Maelstrom came to him again showing him a channel to grow strength of arm and a means to harden his skin.... These gifts would allow him to become a better hunter and help him survive better.

Shesh'Ahl wrote:
Dances in Darkness Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQj3ehuhHIr-5omiBwGtq57xLVrhqf8XuxG8cb72joSHxgZ1c7z

Crinos Form

Dances in Darkness Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTTTuozi_38ZQHe63QRAqS0tBSVBEMCTLvsRBXa3M4_KXBP8dvAxw

Lupis form
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Dances in Darkness
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