Omen Eclispe- a world of fantasy, horror, and intrigue. A place set in the Dark Ages a time of death, struggle and riches. A place where not everything is what it seems and the night takes on a life of its own.
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 Brigide mac Fidash

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* Brigide was one of the few remaining old guard Picts before they were labeled Scotts. In 580AD she was Sired by Donigan the Pict after a vicious battle was fought by stragglers of the old Roman guard. The incursions into the northern lands of England into Pictish lands were lead not by mortals, but by Venture. Old guard Roman Ventrue still carrying on a war, The Long Night is nearing its end and the War of Princes is just starting. The Ventrue wish to claim more ground for themselves. However Donigan wants his lands to be untouched by the Roman war machine as he had hated them in life so to does he in his unlife. He sires two childre, Brigide a shaman of animism as he was and, Telgar a brave and stout warrior. The three travelled the nights gathering animals and even forging deals with the lupines of the north. Together they held off the Legions of the Ventrue. After 600 years of the constant fighting and warring with the Ventrue an opportunity presented its self in the form of the Anarch Revolt. With its start, the Brujah problem began to spread, Telgar hearing the rumors of the infighting going on around the Kine world investigated. Shortly after he ventured out, the Ventrue captured him and leaned some secrets of Brigide and Donigan as well as the lupines. Telgar was summarily executed by sunlight, a lengthy process as Telgar was in his unlife capable of running the length of 4 miles in open daylight before succombing to its harmful rays and sought cover. Telgar had sought to train Brigide in the art of battle and tactics. Donigan also passed on through his blood a toughness few Kine had, and fewer still live to be able to show off. Donigan decides to send Brigide in 1348 to Rome to attempt to broker a peace with the Ventrue of the south. He sends he with Gold and ore of the lands of the north.

On her journey to the city of Rome, Brigides' ship was struck by a strange storm and foundered onto the shoals of Omen. While she was trapped now unknowingly, Donigan came under attack by the Ventrue. The Pack of Lupines Donigan had brokered a deal with A few Red Talons and a great many Fenrir joined the battle and this battle raged on in the form of the mortal world with William Wallace and others. The great histories of major battles and a war in which the Ventrue finally would win but at great cost. *

*Now trapped on Omen, Brigide begins tryign to regather the gold and ores of her homeland... but the ship is gone beneathe the waves, and the treasure meant to buy peace trapped under the sea as she was now trapped on the island. So began her quest to gather the treasure to pay for peace. So it starts.*

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Brigide mac Fidash
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