Omen Eclispe- a world of fantasy, horror, and intrigue. A place set in the Dark Ages a time of death, struggle and riches. A place where not everything is what it seems and the night takes on a life of its own.
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 Character Alignment change

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PostSubject: Character Alignment change   Character Alignment change I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 06, 2012 12:28 am

Character: Brenard Alekstrazus
Account: Spiteful Spirit
Thing desired: Shift from LE to LN.
I'm aware alignment doesn't so much work in WoD, but consider it a humanity thing if you have to. It's also partly for my own peace of mind, since NWN makes me think in pen and paper terms.

Brenard, originally, definitely fit the D&D style definition of lawful evil- Taking the Lasombra's darwinist ideals to their somewhat logical conclusion, the "priest" wandered a while on a journey of selfish self-improvement, before arriving on Omen. Even then, he set goals and challenges to improve himself for the sake of being better. However, interactions, both with humans and kindred alike, but especially garou, shifted his path not long after arrival.

Intent on being an outside observer, he tried to sit out of whatever world-shattering nonsense decided to jump on the town from time to time. This changed shortly after becoming acquainted with a shamaness garou, whose aid he found useful at the time. Allies being complicated, his attempts to avoid both expending effort on the "unimportant" while maintaining some semblance of a masquerade were endangered by a garou being attacked for spells and shapeshifting in town.

Initially wishing nothing more but to let the thing die, Brenard ended up helping to defend both it, the concept of secrecy, and the town itself from an invasion of shadow/storm creatures. At this point, he stopped caring so much about self improvement for the sake of being better, and more about self-improvement for the sake of being a reactionary force.

Cut to, later. Brenard, furthering along his personal path of improvement and his clan's potent obtenebration ability, joins Aeronious, Claws (blue portrait garou? forgot the name.), Koani, and (I believe) others against the forces of the Shadow-man in what may have been a dream, coming out of the experience with a greater understanding of the issue and his own mind. At this point, he has all but abandoned his original selfish goals, and even the somewhat-destructive idea of being a reactionary, starting on his path to becoming a proactive force of protection.

Cut to later, once more- after Brenard's journeys in the island's various "demon" infested caves, and the slaying of various dragons, monsters, and otherwise, in what he believes to be the defense of his current home.- Brenard joins several garou, kindred, and humans, in search of their leaders. Observing each set of races carefully, he comes to a troubling conclusion: All but the humans are confrontational beasts. Seeing the anger, wrathful pride, and petty evil in almost all of his companions, he decides to take a quieter stance, not just in the expedition, but in life- attempting to calm the bloodlust of a kindred, supporting the humans, and attempting to focus the garou's destructive anger on himself, instead of the humans or his fellow kindred.

His path towards perfection, and proactivity in the protection of others was supposed to culminate at the climax of that event. After having brought a fellow Kindred back from torpor and healed his wounds, Brenard dragged Alexandra to safety. Seeing the human Raed fall to the Shadow Man, Brenard decides to martyr himself and maybe finally stir his companions to some effort other than infighting, giving them the push forward to save the island. He should've died, had accepted death, and frankly expected it. He did not expect to, with some aid, beat it so hard it disappeared.

Because of his survival in this, Brenard has seen his path to mastering Obtenebration, becoming a proactive and protective force, and self improvement in light of these facts a success, so far.

Basically: I figure he's close to good but am not comfortable with an LG undead because I'm a D&Der at heart, jaunts into the world of darkness notwithstanding.
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Character Alignment change
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